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6th World Congress on Itch

Final program



Sunday, September 4th

      From 15.00: registration

      17.00-19.00: IFSI board of directors

      20.00: welcome reception on a boat (with a grant of Maruho)

               Limited number of seats



Monday, September 5th
07.30-09.00: SIG meeting: itch questionnaires
      (chairpersons: Elke WEISSHAAR, Heidelberg and Gil YOSIPOVITCH, Wake Forest)

9.00-9.30: opening of the congress

      (chairpersons: Sonja STANDER, Münster and Laurent MISERY, Brest)
9.30-11.00: Psychological and epidemiological aspects

      (chairpersons: Jacek SZEPIETOWSKI, Wroclaw and Kenji TAKAMORI, Chiba)

      9.30-9.45: Jon Anders HALVORSEN (Oslo) Itch in adolescents

      9.45-10.00: Jörg KUPFER (Giessen) Mental induction of itch

      10.00-10.15: Andrea EVERS (Nijmegen) Heterotopic pruritic conditioning

      10.15-10.30: Markus KOELLE (Ulm) Delusional infestation

      10.30-11.00: free communications C1-C2

C1: Influence of negative and positive emotions on the sensitivity to itch and pain
Antoinette van Laarhoven, Annika Walker, Oliver Wilder-Smith, Sabine Kroeze, Piet van Riel, Peter van de Kerkhof, Floris Kraaimaat, Andrea Evers (Nijmegen, Lieden)
C2: Impact of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake on patients with skin diseases – an experience from participating in a dermatological support group that went to the disaster stricken areas
Toshiya Ebata(Tokyo)



11.00-11.30: coffee break - Poster cession – Visit of the booths

11.30-12.30: Clinical and pathophysiological aspects (1)

      (chairpersons: Alan FLEISCHER, Wake Forest and Toshiya EBATA, Tokyo)

      11.30-11.45: Jacek SZPIETOWSKI (Wroclaw) Drug-induced itch

      11.45-12.00: Christelle LE GALL (Brest) Pruritus and polycythema vera

      12.00-12.15: Nicolas MEYER (Toulouse) Pruritus and CTCL

      12.15-12.30: Akio TANAKA (Hiroshima) Pruritus and amyloidosis


12.30-14.00: lunch - Poster cession – Visit of the booths

14.00-15.30: Clinical and pathophysiological aspects (2)

      (chairpersons: Ethan LERNER, BOSTON and Masutaka FURUE, Kyushu)

      14.00-14.15: Kenji TAKAMORI (Chiba) Pruritus in human AD

      14.15-14.30: Thierry OLIVRY (Raleigh) Pruritus in canine AD

      14.30-15.30: free communications C3-C6

C3: Topically applied semaphorin 3A ointment inhibits scratching behaviors and improves skin inflammation in NC/Nga mice with atopic dermatitis

Osamu Negi, Mitsutoshi Tominaga , Kenichi Taneda, Atsuko Kamo, Suhandy Tengara, Kenji Takamori (Chiba)

C4: Gender specific differences in itch processing – a functional MRI study

Astrid Stumpf, Markus Burgmer, Gudrun Schneider, Gereon Heuft, Martin Schmelz, Ngoc Quan Phan, Sonja Ständer, Bettina Pfleiderer (Münster, Mannheim)

C5: Artemin expression in pruritic skin diseases: histopathological analysis

Megumi Nishioka, Hiroyuki Murota, Ichiro Katayama (Osaka)

C6: Evaluation of the relationship between stress, pruritus and quality of life in lichen planus

Adam Reich, Kalina Welz-Kubiak (Aachen, Wrocław)



15.30-16.00: coffee break - Poster cession – Visit of the booths

16.00-17.00: Clinical and pathophysiological aspects (3)

      (chairpersons: Sonja STANDER, Münster and Gil YOSIPOVITCH, Wake Forest)

      16.00-16.15: Martin STEINHOFF (San Francisco) Proteases and peptidases in itch

      16.15-16.45: free communications C7-C8

C7: Differential processing of cowhage and histamine itch in health and disease. Insights into brain processing of chronic pruritus revealed by arterial spin labeling fMRI.
Alexandru D.P. Papoiu, Robert Coghill,, Robert Kraft, Gil Yosipovitch (Winston-Salem)
C8: Expression profiles of thermo-Trp channels in chronic pruritus

                               Heike Benecke, Julia Wördehoff, Tobias Lotts, Martin Marziniak, Thomas A. Luger, Hanns Hatt, Sonja Ständer (Bochum, Münster)



      16.45-17.00: Laurent MISERY (Brest) Pruritus from the sea


17.00-17.15: Presentation of the Acta Dermo-Venereologica (Anders Vahlquist)

17.15-18.00: General assembly of IFSI

18.00-18.30: Board of directors of IFSI

Gala evening, awards and visit of Oceanopolis


Tuesday, September 6th
9.00-10.45: Biological and physiological aspects (1)

      (chairpersons: Earl CARSTENS, Davis and Satoshi TAKEUCHI, Kyushu)

      9.00-9.15: Martin SCHMELZ (Mannheim) Neurotrophins and itch

      9.15-9.30: Ethan LERNER (Boston) Cysteine proteases and itch

      9.30-9.45: Sarah ROSS (Boston) Itch and interneurons

      9.45-10.00: Xinzhong DONG (Baltimore) GPCR Mrgprs are itch receptors

      10.00-10.45: free communications C9-C10-C19

C9:A role of matrix metalloproteinase-8 in dermal nerve growth: implications for possible application to pruritus involving skin nerve from in vitro models
Mitsutoshi Tominaga, Suhandy Tengara, Atsuko Kamo, Kenji Takamori (Chiba)
             C10: Functional differentiation between histamine- and cowhage itch in humans

                               Roman Rukwied, Benjamin Weinkauf , Martin Dusch, Jasper van der Ham, Justus Benrath,      Matthias Ringkamp, Martin Schmelz (Heidelberg, Baltimore, Mannheim)

                               C19: Topical therapy with a new Cooling Compound® in patients with chronic pruritus

Matthias Augustin, Ngoc Quan Phan, Christine Blome, Gitta Neufang, Sonja Ständer (Hambourg, Münster)



10.45-11.15: coffee break - Poster cession – Visit of the booths

11.15-12.45: Biological and physiological aspects (2)

      (chairpersons: Sonja STANDER, Münster and Kenji TAKAMORI, Chiba)

      11.15-11.30: Klas KULLANDER (Uppsala) VGLUT2+ neurons and itch

      11.30-11.45: Ferda CEVIKBAS (San Francisco) Spinal neurotransmitters and itch

      11.45-12.00: Earl CARSTENS (Davis) Animal models of itch sensitisazion

      12.00-12.15: Aki IKOMA (Kyoto) Human studies on itch sensitization

      12.15-12.45: free communications C11-C12

C11:Punctate chemical stimulation with histamine and capsaicin activates a subset of polymodal nociceptors in monkey
Matthias Ringkamp, Jasenka Borzan, Kaitlin Schaefer, Timothy Hartke, Richard Meyer (Baltimore)
             C12: Warming enhances serotonin-evoked itch via TRPV4
Tasuku Akiyama, Margaret Ivanov, Masaki Nagamine, Mirela Carstens, Akihiko Ikoma, Ferda Cevikbas, Jon Levine, Martin Steinhoff, Earl Carstens (Davis, Kyoto, San Francisco)



12.45-14.00: lunch - Poster cession – Visit of the booths

Biological and physiolgical aspects (3)

      Free communications C13-C16

                                C13: Mechanisms of sensory effects of tacrolimus
                          Ulysse Pereira, Nicholas Boulais, Jean-Pierre Pennec, Laurent Misery (Brest)
                               C14: Autotaxin is a novel diagnostic marker for intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
Andreas E Kremer, Peter H. Dixon, Carrie Ris-Stalpers, Victoria Geenes, Jenny Chambers, Joris A. van der Post, Catherine Williamson, Ulrich Beuers, Ronald P. J. Oude Elferink (Amsterdam, London)
C15: BAM8-22 peptide induces histamine-independent sensory responses in humans
Parul Sikand, Xinzhong Dong, Robert LaMotte (New Haven)
C16: Central modulation of itch by distraction – a functional MRI study
Astrid Stumpf, Bettina Pfleiderer, Gudrun Schneider, Gereon Heuft, Martin Schmelz, Ngoc Quan, Phan, Sonja Ständer, Markus Burgmer (Münster, Mannheim)




15.00-16.15: Treatments

      (chairpersons: Elke WEISSHAAR, Heidelberg and Toshiya EBATA, Tokyo)

      15.00-15.15: Florian PFAB (Boston, Munich) Itch and acupuncture

      15.15-15.30: Sonja STANDER (Münster) Anti-substance P

      15.30-16.15: free communications C17-18-C20

C17: Skin analysis by 5D intravital multiphoton tomography in patients with atopic dermatitis treated with aprepitant- a case study
Ngoc Quan Phan, Sonja Ständer, Valentina Dimitrova, Dieter Metze, Stefan W. Schneider, Volker Huck (Münster)
C18: The effects of an opioid antagonist on the itch-scratch-cycle: A psychophysical and fMRI study
Clemens Forster, Rebekka Vogelgsang, Verena Vierow, Arnd Dörfler, Hermann O. Handwerker
C20: How effective are placebos and vehicles in relieving the itch of atopic dermatitis: A meta-analysis of published literature
Lindsay Sher (Winston-Salem)


      16.15-16.30: Alan FLEISCHER (Wake Forest) Placebo-effect on itch

      16.30-16.45: Gil YOSIPOVITCH (Wake Forest) Perspectives in itch treatment


16.45-17.15: General discussion

      (chairpersons: Ethan LERNER, Boston and Laurent MISERY, Brest)

      16.45-17.00: Elke WEISSHAAR (Heidelberg) European guidelines

      17.00-17.15: Jeffrey BERNHARD (Worcester) The bibliometrics of itch


17.15: End of the congress

















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