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Social program




Welcome reception on a boat (Azenor)


A dinner will be organized on a beautiful boat: the Azenor.

During the cruise, you will visit the Brest natural harbour.



- Be carfeul ! There are only 130 seats.

- Dress warmly


Gala evening, awards and visit of Oceanopolis


A wonderful evening with:

- the award ceremony

- a cocktail reception

- a visit of Oceanopolis






2 DAYS in Pays de Brest


1)      Ouessant Get Away: 'Discovery of a Heritage’

The registration will be closed from July 22



Come and explore the isle of Ouessant: a truly natural reserve which was awarded the UNESCO ‘Biosphere Reserve' label back in 1988. Armorique, shaped by strong ocean winds, will take you on a very moving journey. Open up your eyes and take it all in: nothing is missing!! Land’s end from its very best perspective!! Discover the island’s must-see sights: the Phare de Créac’h, the Niou Ecomuseum, and Pointe de Pern, etc.

7.15 am: transfer from the city-centre of Brest to the commercial port.

Set sail at 8.30 am (timetable subject to modification in 2011) from Brest’s commercial port (meeting up at the Brest port at 7.30 am), then discover the Brest Channel, and the Pointe St Mathieu, etc.

or at 9.45 am (timetable subject to modification in 2011) from Le Conquet (meeting up at 8.45 am at Le Conquet harbour) for a journey along the Molène archipelago, at the heart of the Armorique Regional Nature Reserve.

Around 11 am: on arrival at the Port du Stiff (Ouessant), you will be met by your guide, who will stay with you throughout the day.


In the morning, you will be taken on a coach tour of the south of the island with your guide, looking out at the famous Fromveur current and the Molène archipelago. (Route may be modified in the event of the boat being delayed)


Around 12.30 pm – 1 pm: lunch in one of the restaurants in the town of Lampaul. (2011 menus currently in preparation)


Around 2.30 pm: coach tour of the north of the island, with your guide. Unsupervised tour of the Centre d’Interprétation des Phares and Balises (Lighthouse and Beacon Interpretation Centre) (Phare du Créac’h, Europe’s most powerful lighthouse) or the Niou Ecomuseum – a traditional house retracing the story of Ouessant and its inhabitants.

4.30 pm: transfer to the Port du Stiff, accompanied by your guide.

5 pm (Timetable subject to modification in 2011): boat departure.

Arrival at Le Conquet around 6 pm, and in Brest around 7.30 pm.

7.15 am: transfer from the commercial port to Brest city-centre.


End of the tour.





2)      The Lighthouse and Beacon Route




The registration will be closed from July 22


To counter the dangers of the Breton coastline, people marked out channels by building sentinels with flashing lights. These lighthouses and beacons, built on land and at sea, were very reassuring to sailors. Now in a state of abandonment, they have become part of the maritime cultural heritage. ‘Phares et Balises de Brest’ is the biggest lighthouse and beacon centre in France.


8.30 am: departure from Brest (city-centre, boulevard Clémenceau), heading for Pointe St Mathieu, where you will discover the remains of the monastery, Notre Dame des Grâces chapel and the lighthouse, which dates from 1835. Also, a brief stop off at Pointe du Corsen, the westernmost tip of France.

The journey continues along the scenic route through the Côte des Abers, taking in Aber-Ildut and its seaweed harvesters, Portsall, with its little port, Aber-Benoit and Aber-Wrac’h.


12 noon: lunch at Aber Wrac’h.


2.30 pm: tour of the Ecomusée des Goémoniers (Seaweed Harvesters Ecomuseum), where you will learn all about how seaweed is processed, from harvest, through transformation, and right up to the finished products, which are used every day, all over the world. The tour will conclude with a free tasting session of seaweed-based products.


Zone de Texte: Copyright C. Melloni OTBMOReturn at around 6 pm.


End of the service.


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