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Welcome to Switchmat 2011

Workshop SWITCHMAT-2011

From molecule to switchable materials: photo-, thermo- and electro-switching


The interdisciplinary research unit UMR 6521 (CEMCA), affiliated to both the “Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - CNRS and the “Université de Bretagne Occidentale - UBO“, Brest (France), is organizing the first edition of an international symposium dedicated to the spin crossover phenomenon, including photo-, thermo-, and electro-switchable systems: SWITCHMAT-2011. This symposium will be held at UBO from Sunday 27th of November to Tuesday 29th of November 2011.



SWITCHMAT will present an exciting program, covering the broad field of switchable materials and molecular electronics, with a special focus on the molecular bistability as a promising key access-point for the next generation of data storage devices.


In addition, the symposium will include two advanced training sessions (“mini-seminars”) dedicated to PhD students and junior researchers working in the field of magnetic materials. Various aspects will be reviewed such as:


                   > The basic principles and the characteristics of spin transition,

              > The diversity of switchable materials and the structure-property correlations,
              > The multifunctional materials including magnetic bistability
              > The contribution of Nanochemistry for future switchable systems


The interdisciplinarity of the field, ranging from molecular materials design to solid state physics and theoretical physics, will be illustrated by prestigious national and international guest speakers, noticeably:


              > Prof. Eugenio CORONADO (Valencia, Spain)

              > Prof. Andreas HAUSER (Geneva, Switzerland)

              > Prof. José Antonio REAL (Valencia, Spain)

              > Prof. Kamel BOUKHEDDADEN (Versailles)

              > Dr. Rabah BOUKHERROUB (Lille)

              > Dr. Azzedine BOUSSEKSOU (LCC, Toulouse)

              > Prof. Hervé CAILLEAU (Rennes)

              > Prof. Maryline GUILLOUX-VIRY (Rennes)

              > Dr. Jean-François LETARD (Bordeaux)

              > Dr. Sébastien PILLET (Nancy)

                   > Prof. François VARRET (Versailles)


Abstract submission and registration is now open with a restricted number of participants. Oral communications will be considered by the organizing committee, to the extent of the availabilities. We are cordially looking forward to your participation.



UMR 6521

"Chimie, Electrochimie Moléculaires

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