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Supporting Lifelong Learning and adult education

Supporting Lifelong Learning (LLL) and Adult Education has been one of the university’s main objectives since 1998.

The LLL department (SUFCA) was founded in 1973 and now welcomes more than 5,000 adults each year, as well as offering a range of specific services. One of the most important of these is the office dedicated to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and the management of adults returning to university to earn a national diploma (B, M or D level). This office has organised over 1,600 RPL panels since 2002.

Adults returning to study bring skills and attributes gained from work, family and other life experiences. They come from a whole array of backgrounds, study every kind of course, undertake full-time and part-time learning, apply for RPL, and are motivated by career aspirations as well as personal interest.

If you would like more details on these issues, or more generally to begin studying or apply for Recognition of Prior Learning, our team of counsellors can be reached via telephone or email:

Lifelong Learning