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Individual application procedure

The correct procedure for registration on an individual basis at a French institution of higher education depends on your nationality, country of residence, and the nature of your planned studies.

European student ?

Contact the Departmental office [Scolarité] for your intended course of study to register at Université de Bretagne Occidentale.


If you currently live in one of the following 42 countries
you must register online

Algeria / Argentina / Benin / Brazil / Burkina Faso / Burundi / Cameroon / Chile / China / Colombia / Comoros / Congo (Brazzaville) / Cote d’Ivoire / Democratic Republic of Congo / Djibouti / Egypt / Gabon / Guinea / Haïti / India / Indonesia / Iran / Japan / Kuwait / Lebanon / Madagascar / Mali / Marocco / Mauritania / Mauritius / Mexico / Peru / Russia / Senegal / South Korea / Singapore / Taiwan / Togo / Tunisia / Turkey / USA / Vietnam

Applications must be made online via the CEF [Centre pour les Études en France] procedure. In order to obtain your visa, you must follow the CEF procedure which covers all levels of education (first-year Bachelor's to Doctorate degree).

Click on the following links to visit the registration pages for:

PLEASE NOTE: This procedure does not apply if you have already registered with a French university.

Not a resident of one of these countries ?

You must directly contact your selected host institution.

Resident in the french territories ? (mainland or overseas departments)

Contact the university closest to your place of residence which will tell you the correct procedure to follow.


Please note ! If you hold the proper credentials to access higher education in the country in which they were delivered and if any of the following situations applies to you, you are exempt from the procedures described above :

  • You hold a French Baccalaureate
  • You hold a French certificate of exemption from the Baccalaureate
  • You hold a European Baccalaureate
  • You hold a French-German Baccalaureate
  • You have come to France to study within an official intergovernmental or interuniversity program
  • You are a foreign recipient of a French government scholarship
  • You are a foreign recipient of a scholarship awarded by an international body or foreign government whose grants are supervised by an authorised French organization
  • You are a stateless person, refugee, or beneficiary of subsidiary protection
  • You are the child of a diplomat posted in France and your parents reside there
  • You have proof of registration for a post-Baccalaureate course in a French higher education institution for the academic year preceding your current application