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Prepare your stay

Halls of Residence

For Bachelor and first-year Master students the age limit is 30, and for second-year Master and Doctorate students it is 32. For international students, the selection process is based on educational criteria.
The following students may be allocated University accommodation, depending on availability:

  • Students enrolled in an international agreement programme

Please contact the organizers of your programme for more information:
• Campus France for students receiving Campus France grants
• DEI (European and International Department) for ERASMUS, CREPUQ, and international agreements

3 rue des Archives
Bâtiment de la Présidence
Tel: +33 (0)2 98 01 67 31
Email: dei@univ-brest.fr

  • Individually-registered students enrolled in 2nd-year Master or Doctorate programmes in a Université Européenne de Bretagne institution.

The accommodation request form must be filled in online between 15 January and 30 April 2014 at: www.crous-rennes.fr
You will be sent an email with attached documents that must be completed, signed and posted to the following address:
CROUS de RENNES, CS 80168, 53102 Mayenne cedex - France

Once you’ve arrived in France, you must:

  • Pay a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent (around €160 or €240). The deposit will be returned upon request at the end of your stay. (Please note that the cost of any necessary repairs may be deducted from this sum).
  • Pay rent for the month of September (around €160 or €240).
  • Take out a housing insurance policy. Please note that for European students still on their parents’ insurance, a certified French translation of insurance documentation will be required.
  • Provide a photograph.
  • Accept and sign a copy of the rules and conditions when you register.
  • Additionally, independent students will be required to provide two copies of an acte de caution solidaire (a financial guarantee), available on the Crous de Rennes website, completed and signed by a guarantor in France or the European Union, as well as a copy of ID documents and bank account details (in the form of a “RIB”).
  • Important! You must respect the arrival deadline; if you arrive after this date without notifying us beforehand, your room may be given to someone else.
Private housing

Students who are not allocated CROUS accommodation can contact a private landlord. A list of available student accommodation is available on the following web site: www.lokaviz.fr