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MATHS/ICT (information and communication technology)

The Maths-ICT field is built around three laboratories, including two sizable labs affiliated with CNRS.


The CNRS Mathematics UMR (Joint Research Unit) unites teams from UBO and UBS.


Lab-STICC UMR CNRS is a research unit studying sciences and technologies for communication in the broadest sense, and working in electronics, computer sciences, acoustics, physics, and applications. It brings together Télécom Bretagne, UBO, UBS, ENSTA Bretagne and ENIB, counting 238 researchers and lecturer-researchers.

The group both conducts fundamental research and develops applications in various economic sectors, notably in components, materials, computers, virtual reality, coding, signal processing, telecommunications, and multimedia. Special emphasis is placed on interaction with other disciplines - especially between mathematics and ICT - in which coding, modelling, and digital simulation play an increasingly important role.

Algebraic and differential geometry, dynamic systems, and probability, as well as applied analysis, are our areas of mathematical excellence. Notable developments among new directions in this field include the development of nanosciences, research on human-machine interaction, multimedia indexing, information systems security, and interactive processing of large volumes of data.

Fields of study:

  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • Computer Science
  • Telecom Sciences
  • Physics


Courses in this area are organised through the Master's in STS and the SICMA doctoral school in association with UBS, Télécom Bretagne, ENSTA Bretagne and ENIB.

Flagship projects

Labex Comin Labs (Communication and Information Sciences Laboratories) connects the foremost ICT organisms in Brittany, with Lab-STICC being an important member.


This area is strongly linked to the Images et Réseaux competitiveness cluster as well as to IRT B-Com for technological developments. In the course of a range of collaborative projects, numerous companies and patents have been created in this field.

Research unit Code Affiliations Contact
Laboratoire des
sciences et techniques de l’information, de la
communication et de la
[Information Science
and Technology,
Communication and
Knowledge Laboratory]
UMR 6285 IMTAtlantique,
Laboratoire de Mathématiques
de Bretagne Atlantique
[Mathematics Laboratory
Bretagne Atlantique]
UMR 6205 UBO, UBS,