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UBO Library

The UBO libraries provide high quality information services to all students and staff. These services are constantly being developed to maintain the university’s learning, teaching and research activities.

There are 12 branches that operate under one Library system called “Les Bibliothèques universitaires” (BU). Each library is located in or near the relevant faculty or institute. Most of them are in Brest, but we also have libraries in Quimper, Plouzané and in several other towns around Brittany. You are very welcome to use any of them.
You will find vast multidisciplinary collections of books, journals and many other printed documents easily accessible by browsing the open shelves and search catalogues.
We also subscribe to a wide range of online resources. These include electronic journals (e-journals), databases, electronic books (e-books) and newspapers, and much more.
The online resources and the printed documents are easily accessible via our website UBODOC.
Opening hours for the libraries can be found on UBODOC and on the individual library web pages as well as information about specific facilities and services.

Main libraries:
  • BU du Bouguen : Law, Economics, Business, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Natural and Life Sciences, Sports Sciences. The management offices are located in this library.
  • BU du Pôle de Quimper : Law and Economics, Social Science, Languages and Humanities, and particularly rich collections in Art, Heritage and Tourism.

Our friendly, professional staff provides a continually expanding range of support, training and information services to ensure that all UBO Library users can make the best use of the resources available.

To support student’s and researchers’ work, the UBO Library provides Marine Science collections, mostly held in Bibliothèque La Pérouse (BLP) and Food Science and Industry documentation, mainly located in Quimper.
Les Bibliothèques universitaires also manage the BU ESPE, located in several towns around Brittany: Brest, Quimper, Rennes, Saint-Brieuc and Vannes. They are specifically dedicated to Education studies.

Study spaces or individual study desks can be booked at most of the libraries. You can work in the BU de Lettres and in the BU de Santé until 10 p.m from Monday to Thursday.

All of our sites are equipped with lab rooms, Wi-Fi, printers, photocopiers and information desks. Group or individual training sessions in literature and information skills can be organized on request.