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Brest : city highlights

Ideally located within a large, sheltering bay, Brest is also called the “five harbour city”.

  • Brest is an historic harbour city developed by Louis XIV and protected by the ramparts built by Vauban. The French navy still operate in the harbour.
  • Many famous explorers (including Bougainville, Kerguelen and La Pérouse) set sail from its shores towards unknown destinations.
  • The city has an active commercial harbour, bustling with fishing activity, and was awarded the title of “first marina in Brittany”, with its exceptional maritime area surrounded by many beautiful beaches.
  • Brest is the first oceanographic metropolis in Europe, a major host city for researchers in this field.

A campus by the sea

Studying at UBO offers students a wide range of aquatic sports including  windsurfing, sailing, surfing, and kitesurfing - all for only €25 per year!
Stroll along the boardwalks at Moulin Blanc or the Château harbours and soak up the maritime atmosphere. You will find a variety of restaurants and cafes with inviting terraces.
On weekends, the Rade de Brest sees the arrival of all kinds of sailboats, which you can admire from one of the many coastal trails that are particularly popular with hikers.

Brest, an easy-going city

There are three UBO three campuses in Brest: two are in the city centre and the Science campus (where the university halls of residence are located) is a 10-minute bus ride from Place de la Liberté, the city’s central square. Brest has a good public transport system, with a tramway, multiple bus routes and cycle paths to help you travel around easily. Accommodation is both plentiful and affordable, with the average rent starting at around €250 per month. Consult the "Brest- campus" website for further information.

Brest, a city for all budgets
  • Accomodation

Accommodation in Brest is varied and accessible and the cheapest cost of renting is one of the cheapest in the Grand Ouest region: the average price per m2 is €7.64, compared to €11.70 in the nearby cities of Rennes and Nantes, and over €25 in Paris!

Source : http://www.linternaute.com/argent/immobilier/prix-au-m-l-immobilier-dans-600-villes-de-france-en-septembre-2013/

  • Transport

You can get to Brest by TGV or plane, but UBO also offers its very own car-sharing scheme, in collaboration with Roulez Malin. It is accessible via a free platform (ent > services > covoiturage) which currently has around 100 journeys on offer. For short journeys, there is the tramway, the extensive bus network and a number of cycle paths enabling you to get around town, travel to campus, go to the beach, or down to the port...

Live concerts and shows every night

Brest is a lively university town, its streets animated with the energy of its 23,000 young people. There is a rich and vibrant cultural scene with weekly music, dance and theatre performances, and different festivals throughout the year. It’s easy to get caught up in the city’s attractive nightlife! Whatever your musical tastes, you will find what you’re looking for in Brest, from classical music to the most popular bands on the music scene.