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The Centre de recherche bretonne et celtique (CRBC) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory whose 46 members (historians, linguists, Anglicists and Celticists, enthnologists, sociologists...) explore topics and areas of research within Breton and Celtic cultural domains. They also lead individual or collective research in other fields, across Europe, the Atlantic and beyond.

The five-year project 2012-2016 untitled “Peripheries and identity dynamics” aims to highlight the formation and evolution of identity practices and realities in and about peripheral areas.

The CBRC team is also composed of 60 PhD students, 79 research fellows and 9 administrative and technical staff.

CBRC entity is twofold: CBRC Brest at University of Western Brittany and CRBC Rennes at Rennes 2 University.

Management team

Philippe Jarnoux
Tel: +33 (0) 298.016.836
Email: philippe.jarnoux@univ-brest.fr

Assistant Director 
Anne Goarzin (Rennes)
Tel: +33 (0) 299.141.621
Fax: +33 (0) 296.231.710
Email: anne.goarzin@univ-rennes2.fr

Deputy Director (Brest)
Ronan Calvez
Tel: +33 (0) 298.016.383
Email: ronan.calvez@univ-brest.fr

Deputy Director (Rennes)
Gwendal Denis
Tel: +33 (0) 299.141.715
Email: gwendal.denis@univ-rennes2.fr

Administrative Officer
Phlippe Lagadec
Tel: +33 (0) 298.016.385
Fax: +33 (0) 298.016.393
Email: philippe.lagadec@univ-brest.fr

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Keywords: Brittany; Celtic countries; history; languages; regional literature and civilization; ethnology; sociology; languages, literature and civilization of English-speaking countries; literature.


Lecturers-researchers from CRBC Brest are involved in about 15 different research projects.

Each year they organize a dozen scientific meetings (conferences, study days and seminars) and publish about 60 articles in scientific journals and about 20 books, a quarter of which are published by CRBC itself..

Yves-Le Gallo Library (UMS 3554)

CBRC Brest also has a research library dedicated to Brittany and Celtic countries. It is the most important library in its field and is an essential research tool: it was CNRS certified on 1 January 2012 and became a joint research unit (UMS 3554). Its rich collection (documentary, sound recordings and archived material) is readily available to other research labs.

CRBC also manages the Centre for Research and Documentation on Oral Literature of Manoir de Kernault in Mellac.

Involvment with the local social, economic and cultural fabric

Lecturers-researchers and administrative and technical staff of CRBC Brest are involved in numerous ways in the development of research and the enrichment of the Yves-Le Gallo Library catalogue.


7 UBO Master’s degrees are based on CBRC research topics:

  • 3 Research Masters :
    - Masters in Identity, Heritage and History, with specialization in Identity Dynamics;
    - Masters in Identity, Heritage and History, with specialization in Ancient Civilizations (from Celtic and Mediterranean civilizations to medieval societies);
    - Masters in Science and Technology of Physical Activities and Sports, with specialization in Sport and Social sciences, administration, territories, integration.
  • 2 Vocational Masters:
    -Masters in Identity, Heritage and History, with specialization in Project Development in Cultural Tourism;
    - Masters in Identity, Heritage, History, with specialization in Management of Architectural and Artistic Heritage.
  • Vocational Masters in Education:
    - Masters in Identity, Heritage and History, with specialization in Education / Teaching in secondary schools;
    - Masters in Education and Training, with specialization in Teaching in Bilingual Schools and Careers in Education.

CRBC Lecturers-researchers are also involved in 4 other Masters:

  • 1 Research Master:
    - Masters in Arts, Literature and Civilization with specialization in Identity and Representation in Caribbean area.
  • 3 Vocational Masters:
    - Masters in Arts, Literature and Civilization with specialization in French as a Foreign Language.
    - Masters in Language and Communication, with specialization in International Multilingual Project Management.
    - Masters in Language and Communication, with specialization in Writing/Translating

Our PhD students belong to two graduate schools:  the Ecole doctorale Arts, lettres et langues (Arts, Literature and Languages) and the Ecole doctorale Sciences humaines et sociales (Social Sciences).

Partners and financial support

CBRC has got multiple partners: research labs, institutions and cultural associations.

Financial support: Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche, CNRS, Ministère de la Culture, Université de Bretagne occidentale, Conseil Général du Finistère, Conseil régional de Bretagne, Brest métropole océane.






CRBC Brest

Centre de recherche bretonne et celtique

Faculté des Lettres et  Sciences Humaines
20 Rue Duquesne - CS 93837
29238 BREST Cedex 3

Téléphone : 33.(0).298.016.331
Courriel : crbc@univ-brest.fr

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Yves-Le Gallo library (UMS3554)


Bibliothèque Yves-Le Gallo
Faculté des Lettres et Sciences humaines Victor-Segalen
20 Rue Duquesne
29238 BREST
Tel : 33.(0).298.016.379

Courriel : direction.bibliothequeCRBC@univ-brest.fr

Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 18h.

Fermeture annuelle : de mi-juillet au fin août et entre Noël et le jour de l'an.

Accès et emprunt d'ouvrages libres et gratuits.


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