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Macrocycles azotés et coordination

Coordination Chemistry

Cationic species complexation: transition and heavy metals, lanthanides. Thermodynamic, kinetic and inertness studies.
Ligand design and complexes properties.

Health :

  • Gadolinium(III) cyclen based complexes as MRI contrast agents.

  • Copper(II) cyclen-based or cyclam-based complexes for radiopharmaceutical PET imaging applications: synthesis, structural analysis, stability and 64Cu complexation
  • Bismuth(III) and Lead(II) complexes for radioimmunotherapy: synthesis, structural analysis, stability and 213Bi and 212Pb complexation.


  • Macrocyclic aza-ligands for Iron(II) spin crossover systems (coll. with Pr. S. Triki). Cyclen, cyclam and TACN selectively functionalized for new magnetic purposes.

Anionic species complexation: organic and inorganic anions; anions of biological or environmental interest. Phosphates, nucleotides, pollutants…

  • Supramolecular chemistry of anionic species and in particular the molecular recognition and sensing:
  • Host-guest chemistry with polyammonium chelates or metallated azareceptors for phosphates, ATP or glyphosate coordination.
  • Cyclen-based lanthanide(III) complexes for fluoride complexation and detection.

Analytical tools :

Thermodynamic and kinetic studies by 1H, 13C, 31P NMR investigations, UV-visible or stopped flow measurements and potentiometric titrations.

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Thématique: Macrocycles Azotés et Coordination

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