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AzaMacrocycles and coordination

Member of the thematic ChASaM (March 2017)

left to right, top to bottom: Nathalie Le Bris (MCF), Olivier Lozach (IE), Raphël Tripier (Pr.), Amaury Guillou (PhD), Thomas Lebihan (PhD), Anne Berrou (Master 2), Gwladys Nizou (Master 2), Maryline Beyler (MCF), Véronique Patinec (MCF), Hélène Bernard (MCF), Mariane Le Fur (PhD), Laura Grenier (PhD), Nadège Hamon (Postdoc), Thibaut Troadec (Postdoc), Jonathan Mendy (PhD).


Organic Synthesis: Linear and cyclic polyaza chelates

> Macrocyclic chemistry: syntheses of tetraazamacrocycles (cyclen, cyclam and derivatives) or triazamacrocycles (TACN and derivatives) and their selective modifications (N-functionnalization, C-alkylation, structure modification: cross-bridged and side-bridged macrocycles, polycyclic ligands, cryptands, podants…).
> Bifunctionalized chelates
> New methodologies and multi-steps synthesis.


examples with cyclam (other challenges with cyclen or TACN derivatives are in progress)

Synthesis of Bifunctional Chelating Agents (BCA cyclam and derivatives : TETA, TE2A, CB-TE2A etc...) :

 Organic tools:

Organic or inorganic template synthesis.
Protection – deprotection sequences of linear and cyclic polyamines.


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Thématique: Macrocycles Azotés et Coordination

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