equipe COSM
chimie organique
santé et matériaux

Few words about us

COSM Team comes from the merging of 2 team (Phosphorus & Vectorization and ChaSaM) from UMR CNRS 6521 in order to be the new organic chemistry pole of UMR CNRS 6521 and of The University of Brest.

COSM Team develops several themes referred to Health and/or Material. The Team is developing a thematic axis “AzaMacrocycles and Coordination” around the synthesis and study of AzaMacrocycles referring to Healt: Madical Imaging (MRI, PET, …) and treatment; but also referring to Material by the development of spin transition compounds, compounds to detect anions.

COSM team develops a second central theme: “Phosphorus, Lipids and Vectorization” working around the Phosphorus chemistry, to develop new molecules for vectorization, to develop organic brocks for new hybrid material, as well as glycoglycerolipids to modulate ionic channels.

Membres de la thématique ChASaM (Mars 2017)

left to right, top to bottom: Nathalie Le Bris (MCF), Olivier Lozach (IE), Raphël Tripier (Pr.), Amaury Guillou (PhD), Thomas Lebihan (PhD), Anne Berrou (Master 2), Gwladys Nizou (Master 2), Maryline Beyler (MCF), Véronique Patinec (MCF), Hélène Bernard (MCF), Mariane Le Fur (PhD), Laura Grenier (PhD), Nadège Hamon (Postdoc), Thibaut Troadec (Postdoc), Jonathan Mendy (PhD).

Membres de la thématique Phopshore, Lipides et Vectorisation (Janvier 2016)

left to right: Charlotte Sevrain (ATER), Olivier Lozach (IE), Hélène Couthon (MCF), Wilfried Berthe (IE), Mélissa Roger (IR), Sylvie Hernot (AI), Laure Deschamps (MCF), Mathieu Berchel (MCF), Thierno Diallo (Master 1), Paul-Alain Jaffrès (Pr.)