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In order to celebrate your arrival and for your integration to take place in the best possible conditions, the UBO invites you to participate in the following events in September and October.

Saturday 01/09
2nd edition of the host Olympiads

Integration of international students!

  • Afternoon of adventure activities
    on the beach of Moulin Blanc, the opportunity to meet international and French students
  • Party at the university campus of Kergoat at 6:30 pm (concerts, dances, buffet) with the CLOUS

Thursday 06/09 
Afternoon reception in Brest

Campus discovery at 1:30 pm on the Bouguen campus, followed by a convivial evening.

Saturdays 8 et 15/09
Paddle workshops

Morning nautical workshops from 9 am to noon
in partnership with SUAPS (on registration).

Thursday 13/09
Afternoon reception in Quimper

Campus discovery at Pôle universitaire
Pierre-Jakez Hélias.

Saturday 22/09
Boat trip and reception

Brest Métropole organises a boat trip on the harbor of Brest and a welcome reception at La Carène.

Wednesday 26/09
Party at the student residence

Welcome of the international residents
of the student residence to the cultural hall
of CLOUS at 6 pm.

Monday 08/10
Accueil officiel des étudiants

Official welcome of all international students to RU Armen by the President of the UBO at 6 pm.

Friday 12/10

A day of celebration of the Erasmus+ programme!

Open to everyone, come and share your experiences around an international brunch. Come and discover the Erasmus+ research and training projects at UBO.

We are counting on your presence!



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