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The first open-access digital encyclopaedia on sociability in Europe throughout the long-eighteenth century

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The DIGITENS members

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Field of expertise

Dr Kimberley Page-Jones (UBO, HCTI)

Romantic period and sociable practices, women travelling and letter-writing, encounter of science and poetry in the long eighteenth-century in Britain.

Prof. Annick Cossic (UBO, HCTI)

British models of sociability, spa-culture in Great Britain and the satire of spas

Prof. Alain Kerhervé (HCTI, UBO)

Women’s letter-writing and correspondence

Prof. Pierrick Pourchasse (CRBC)

History and economic theory in the eighteenth-century, particularly in trade networks

Prof. Véronique Léonard-Roques (HCTI, UBO)

Comparative literature from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, travel literature, cultural transfers and gender studies

Fabiola Obame (HCTI, UBO)

Post-colonial literature

Adnana Sava (HCTI, UBO)

Eighteenth-century novels (working under the supervision of A. Kerhervé)

Diana Rodova (HCTI, UBO)

Women travel writing in the long nineteenth century: Britain, Spain, Bohemia

Dr Valérie Capdeville (PLEIADE, UP13)

London sociability through the many facets of the club and the British model of sociability. Models of sociability in the British colonies and in Europe. Transfer and adaptation of the British club in American colonies.

Dr Virginie Roche-Tiengo (PLEAIDE, UP13)

Irish theatre and myths
 43. Hannah Freundlich (PhD, TTN, UP13) Women's circles and sociability (working under the supervision of Xavier-Laurent Salvador)

Dr Sabrina Juillet

History and culture of Scotland in the eighteenth and nineteenth century

Dr Thierry Rentet (PLEIADE, UP13)

Travel records, network mapping, early-modern history.

Dr Xavier-Laurent Salvador
(LT2DH, UP13)

Management of collaborative linguistic or textual databases in digital humanities

Dr Fabrice Issac
(LT2DH, UP13)

Management of collaborative linguistic or textual databases in digital humanities

Prof. Alexis Tadié

Eighteenth-century literature and its encounters with other disciplines such as philosophy, the history of ideas or social practices such as sport.

Dr Stéphane Jettot (Centre Roland Mousnier, SU)

European diplomatic relations in the modern period ; social history of the European elites; history of genealogy ; sociability and the book trade

Dr Jean-François Dunyach (Centre Roland Mousnier, SU)

History of technical and intellectual transfers between France and Britain (1750-1830) The political history of Great Britain in the long eighteenth century

Clara Manco (VALE, SU)


‘The rake's progress’ and the evolution of the rake in Restoration comedy (1660-1688)

Pierre Labrune (VALE, SU)

Religious, political and aesthetic disputes and quarrels (1746-1830)

Isabelle Breuil (BnF)

Curator in Digital mediation with experience in Art Philosophy (Melancholy, Vanity in Paintings)

Isabelle Le Pape (BnF)

Curator in English literature, PhD in Aesthetics and Arts,

Jean-Philippe Moreux (BnF)

OCR and Data Mining expert

Corinne Le Bitouzé (BnF)

Curator of the Department of Prints and Drawings

Florence Groshens (BnF)

BnF communication - Audiovisual department

Dr Annick Lemoine (MCJ)

Conservator, director of Cognacq-Jay museum, and academic researcher (European painting, XVIth and XVIIth cent.)

Dr Charles Walton (WAR)

Old Regime, Enlightenment and Revolutionary France, with emphases on democratization, rights and duties, political economy and socio-economic justice

Prof. Beat Kümin (WAR)

Cultural history of German-speaking Europe and England (c. 1400-1800), more particulary political agency, religious life and social exchange in local communities during the early modern period.

Prof. Mark Knights (WAR)

Political culture of early modern Britain c.1550 - c.1850, with particular interests in the integration of political and social history, the nature of public discourse, the role of print, and the interaction of politics, literature and ideas.

Prof. Mark Philp (WAR)

History of political thought and British history at the time of the French Revolution. Research work on issues relating to familial justice, political conduct and corruption, the re-imagining of democracy at the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth centuries.

Ronan Love (WAR)

The Politics of Moral and Financial Obligation in the French Revolution (working under the supervision of Charles Walton)

Abigail Coppins (WAR)

Social history of prisoners of war in Britain and the Caribbean during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Dr Katy Mair (TNA)

Head of Early Modern Records, PhD, studies women’s letter writing.

Dr Jessica Nelson (TNA)

Head of Early, Legal and Map Collections, PhD


 42. Melinda Haunton (TNA)

Historian and archivist.

Philippa Hellawell (TNA)

Early Moden Records Specialist. Research work on history of science, medicine, empire and slavery.

Mark Bell (TNA)

Digital Researcher at The UK National Archives

Dr Tymon Adamczewski (KWU)

English literature and culture, researching the category of hospitality and the question of the experience of literature

Dr Jakub Lipski (KWU)

English Literature, specialist in the eighteenth-century novel, the masquerade, travel writing, and the issues of crime and spectacle

Prof. Karl Wood (KWU)

Anglophone culture and history, specialist in spa-culture in Europe, the social history of medicine in the nineteenth century and the issues of memory and nostalgia

Prof. Sebastian Domsch (UG)

Storytelling and eighteenth-century culture and Romanticism

Dr Mascha Hansen (UG)

Eighteenth-Century Women and Women's Writings

Prof. Michael North (UG)

Specialist in monetary and financial history and the history of commerce and culture

David Walther (phD)

English literature

Francis Dashwood and the Hellfire Club


Prof. Brian Cowan (MCG)

History of coffeehouses, politics and celebrity in early eighteenth-century England.

Prof. Pascal Bastien (GRHS, UQAM)

 Urban sociabilities and forms of political mobilization in the long eighteenth century.


Miriam Sette

English literature
45 Andrea Lombardinilo
Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes

Eleonora Sasso

English Language and Translation

Persida Lazarevio

Serbian and Croatian languages and literatures

Elvira Diana

Arabic Language and Literature

Fausto Di Vincenzo

Social and economic studies



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