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9-10 December 2021 - DIGITENS/GIS meetings & one-day workshop on the DIGIT.EN.S encyclopedia - BnF
More information soon.

5 & 6 March 2022 - International workshop on Dance, Song, Music, Sociability 1750-1832 - Notre-Dame London University

Organiser: Mark Philp (University of Warwick)
For more information about the event and project, please visit this website.


25 March 2022 from 5 PM to 7 PM - 'Comprendre la caricature britannique : contexte et esthétique (1789-1815)' - Talk by Mark Philp (University of Warwick) and Pascal Dupuy (Université de Rouen) at the Musée Cognacq-Jay, Paris.

This will be an in-person event at the Musée Cognacq-Jay but a zoom link will also be available.


31 March 2022 - Workshop on British caricatures of revolutionary France - Mark Philp, Master TILE, UBO, Brest


Friday 8 April 2022 - One-day conference on the topic of "Nature and Sociability" - National Archives, London.

Organisers: Jakub Lipsi (KWU), Karl Wood (KWU) & Tymon Adamczewski (KWU)

The event will examine issues such as the nature of sociability and its relation to the natural world, exploring aspects such as the natural backgrounds for sociable practices (gardens, parks, wilderness)


Mid-April 2022 – GIS ‘Sociabilités/Sociability’ Master’s Thesis Prize 2021
The GIS prize will reward a master's degree student for his/her work on a topic related to eighteenth-century sociability.

Organisers : Michèle Cohen, Valérie Capdeville, Alain Kerhervé & Kimberley Page-Jones

16 - 17 June 2022 - International conference: "Emotions and the City: Urban Sociability in Britain and France, c. 1650- c. 1850" organised by the GRHS (Groupe de Recherche sur l'Histoire des Sociablités) and the GIS Sociabilités / Sociability and sponsored by DIGITENS - Montreal
This conference invites urban historians and historians of emotions to consider the connections between urban and emotional experiences in Europe during the long eighteenth century. We propose that these connections can best be explored through the lens of the history of sociability, as we will explore the ways in which ideals and practices of sociability helped to shape the emotional aspects of urban life.

Visit the website of the GRHS for further information on the programme.

Organisers : Pascal Bastien (UQAM) & Brian Cowan (MCG)


15-16 September 2022 - International conference 'Before Suffrage: Women, Politics and Society in Europe 1789-1850' –  Lyon
This conference will examine the political potential of social and sociable practices and organizations for women in Europe.

Link to CFP.

Organiser: Mark Philp (WAR) and Anne Verjus (ENS-Lyon)

22-23 September 2022 - International conference on Casanova and the Sociability of Spies, Impostors and Courtiers - Italy, University Chieti-Pescara
Provisional title: "Levantine Sociabilities in Europe in Giacomo Casanova’s time: Spies, impostors, courtesans and men of culture"
To examine Levantine sociabilities and its impact on society and more specifically fraudulent sociabilities, the relationships of tradesmen and businessmen, impostors and spies, men of culture, courtesans and libertines and the sociabilities of the dark shops: alchemists or scientists.

Link to CFP

Organiser: Miriam Sette (Chieti-Pescara)

13-14 October 2022 - Conference on Sociability and Sporting Practices in the long Eighteenth century - Paris, Sorbonne Université.
Scientific event organised in partnership with the SERA (Société d’Etude du Romantisme Anglais).

The conference will investigate the intricate relationship between sports and literature and the arts in the long eighteenth century. Sports are a particular good place to reflect on sociability, while the cultural approach enables an understanding of sports which goes beyond their history. We understand the place of sports in our societies if we look at their cultural representations and at the work they do.

Organisers: Alexis Tadié (SU) and Caroline Bertonèche (Université Grenoble Alpes)


7-9 December 2022 - Closing DIGITENS conference "Sociability on the Move in the Long Eighteenth Century (1650-1850)" - Brest, University of Western Brittany

This international conference aims to explore new insights on forms, models and practices of sociability interpreted and analysed through the prism of movement. As such, it will conclude the H2020 DIGITENS project launched in January 2019 and initiate the new scientific programme of the GIS Sociabilités/Sociability.
We welcome proposals for individual papers (20-25 minutes given in English or French) or already constituted panels (3 papers) from various disciplinary fields (history, philosophy, art history, history of science, geography, sociology, anthropology, ethnology, literature, cultural studies, postcolonial studies). We encourage innovative methodologies and approaches as well as the use of digital technologies and techniques for the collection, storage, analysis and presentation of data.

Link to CFP

Organisers: Valérie Capdeville (UP13), Alain Kerhervé (UBO), Kimberley Page-Jones (UBO), Mark Philp (WAR) & Adnana Sava (UBO)