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The following timeline presents the DIGITENS activities for 2020. These activities are subject to change.

Due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, most events that were to take place after the mid-term meeting have been cancelled and postponed to 2021.



Date & location

PhD and graduate student seminar - Topic: Cabals, Plots, and Conspiracies:
the Sociability of Intrigue in the Long Eighteenth-Century

This conference is open to members of the Sociabilities/Sociability research group (GIS & DIGITENS), invited researchers and doctoral students. For more info, see CFP.

* 10 January 2020 at Maison de la Recherche, Sorbonne Uni. Room D223


Mid-term DIGITENS meeting

* Organized with presence of E.C. project officer, Adam Jacek WALENDZIK

 * Friday 13 March 2020, BnF

Workshop at TNA – “Epistolary Friendships in Eighteenth-century Europe”

* Workshop on letter-writing and the idea of friendship in the long eighteenth-century

 * 2 April 2020, TNA, London

Seminar on BnF caricatures for UBO students

Presentation by Mark Philp of the research work done on the British engravings at the BnF

* 6 April 2020, Brest

Lecture on Sociability and Caricatures

* 12 May 2020, MCJ, Paris
Workshop on BnF caricatures for SU and UP13 students * 12 May 2020, BnF, Paris

International conference on Sociability and Emotions in Montréal: Emotions and the City: Urban Sociability in the European World, c. 1650- c. 1850

* Conference organised by the GRHS (Pascal Bastien) and McGill (Brian Cowan). For more information, check the CFP

* 18 & 19 June 2020 - Montreal 

Talk on Romanticism and Sociability

Talk organized by Mascha Hansen and Sebastian Domsch

* October 2020, Greifswald

Cycle of talks : « Sociabilité & libertinage »

* 3  talks on the topic of sociability and libertine culture

* November 2020, Paris, MCJ

* December 2020, Paris, MCJ

* January 2021, Paris, MCJ

Nuit des chercheurs

* National event to promote scientific culture.

* September 2020, Brest

Fête de la Science

* National event to promote scientific culture. Presentation of DIGITENS objectives for general public, students and pupils : games, writing workshops, …

* October 2020, Brest

One-day conference: "Friendship and Intimacy in Eighteenth-century Epistolary Exchanges" * 10 December 2020, Brest or Paris

DIGITENS meeting – end of year 2020

* GIS Sociability meeting and meeting of 4 DIGITENS committees

* 11 December 2020 at Musée Cognacq-Jay Paris