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Organising your secondment

You have received funding from the DIGITENS project to organize your secondment. You will receive at least 2100 € from your institution to cover for your travel and living expenses. You will have to keep all documents proving that (1) you visited your host institution during the scheduled dates (plane or train tickets, accommodation invoice, ...); (2) you stayed there for 30 days.

Please inform Kimberley Page-Jones of your intention to go on secondment one month before you leave. Send an email at pagejones@univ-brest.fr indicating your name, institution, visiting institution and exact dates of stay. You will also briefly mention the research work you have planned and the various activities scheduled : seminars, lectures, workshops, ...

You will also have to inform by email your hosting institution two months prior to your arrival so that they can prepare your visit and working conditions:

- If you visit the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF), please inform Isabelle Breuil (isabelle.breuil@bnf.fr) and Hélène Bergès (helene.berges@bnf.fr)

- If you visit the Musée Cognacq-Jay (MCJ), please inform Sixtine de Saint Léger (sixtine.desaintleger@paris.fr).

Please also check the "Travelling to France" page as you will need to send specific information to the museum at least 1 month before your departure.

- If you visit the National Archives (TNA), please inform Jess Nelson (Jess Nelson@nationalarchives.gov.uk). You will have access to the public reading room. You need to register online, using this link. You will then receive a reader's ticket that will give you access to the archives.

- If you visit McGill, please inform Brian Cowan (brian.cowan2@mcgill.ca) six months before departure. Check the webpage "Travelling to Canada" for further information.

- If you visit UQAM, please inform Pascal Bastien (pascal.bastien@uqam.ca) four to six months before departure.

Your institution or yourself will have to upload your secondment on the EU portal to inform the European Commission of your secondment less than 20 days after the start of it. This document will help you navigate the EU portal website and register your secondment.

 We have detailed all the steps for the organisation of the secondment in the secondee's booklet.