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Travelling to the United Kingdom

If you are going on secondment to The National Archives (TNA) we advise you to plan your trip far in advance as the cost of living in London is very expensive, especially in terms of public transport and accommodation.

TNA is located in Kew, in West London and is accessible by public transport. Have a look at the local map and wider area map for more details.

The National Archives
United Kingdom

Accommodation tips

Finding suitable accommodation can be difficult and expensive so we have listed a few tips here below. Again, we strongly recommend that you plan your trip far in advance in order to find the best possible rates.

Student Housing facilities – Summer break

If you are visiting TNA during summer, from June to September, you should be able to find rooms and studios in student housing facilities using the UniversityRooms website . These should be available from £30-40/night.

London School of Economics has availability during summer time but prices vary accoridng to dates and sites location. You can book and check availability on their website.

Airbnb – All year long

If you use the Airbnb search engine, you will be able to find rooms in shared houses from 600 euros/month. Make sure that you collect all documents related to your tenancy such as short term tenancy contracts, bills & invoices.

Flat sharing: gumtree.com, spareroom, student spareroom, sabbatical homes, ...

Prices vary from £400 to £900.