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The first open-access digital encyclopaedia on sociability in Europe throughout the long-eighteenth century

Site Model

How to contribute to the DIGITENS encyclopedia

Please check the guidelines described below and then submit your proposal on the website of the encyclopedia

General guidelines:

• All work should be original and not currently published elsewhere
• Entries can be written in English or in French
• Entries should be between 1000 and 2000 words maximum.
• Connect topic to sociability within first paragraph - this is the key focus.
• Primary and secondary materials should be properly referenced.
• Factual information should be included provided it is appropriately linked with the theme of sociability.
• Where relevant, entries may wish to include contemporary details (for example, film adaptations, restoration of buildings or places people can visit, etc).
• All entries should include at least ONE image and reference for that image.
• We recommend the inclusion of a further reading paragraph to acknowledge the state of the art and encourage references to current research debates.
• Each entry can include footnotes but should not be too long.
 Theoretical framework and historiographical overview of sociability available here.

Specific guidelines:

• Biographic material should be included through the lens of sociability
• For key relationships (friends, relatives, social circles etc) significant to the entry, ensure details are kept minimal.
• Where necessary, it is possible to include a list of the individual’s social circles

• The focus should remain on the object’s use in sociability
• Practical details such as commerce, availability, popularity, specific skills for making said object, influences, importation, advertisement, workshop location, businesses etc, should be included (where appropriate) as a point of interest.

Places and Institutions:
• Entries on Places and Institutions should remain focused on their role and development into areas of sociability.
• Locations and dates should be included
• Architectural information can be included where appropriate

• Awareness of the practice’s link to sociability should be made explicit (preferably at the beginning of the entry).
• Include appropriate time frames where applicable
• Use examples that might help illustrate the practice

Concepts :
• Highlight the connection between the concept and eighteenth-century sociability
• When relevant, use practical examples to complement theoretical development
• Include appropriate time frames

Details of the submission process

First submit your proposal (name, institution, contact details, title of entry and 100-word description) by email to:

- Prof. Annick Cossic (G.E.):

- Prof. Alain Kerhervé (M.E.):

- Dr Valérie Capdeville (M.E.):

- Dr Kimberley Page-Jones (M.E.):

Once your proposal has been accepted, you will be sent a template to complete it with the following categories:
* Category and subcategory
* Title of entry
* Abstract (between 80 - 100 words max.)
* Keywords (5 to 10 max.)
* Content including references to footnotes
* Further reading (list of 5 to 10 references that reflect key debates on topic)
* Links to images and precise references

You will use the following font:
- calibri 12 ; blank line 1
- short quotation: enclose the quotation within simple quotation marks: ‘…’
- long quotation (over 50 words): indent of 1; calibri 11
- font for the footnotes : calibri 10