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The first open-access digital encyclopaedia on sociability in Europe throughout the long-eighteenth century

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The flagship deliverable of the H2020 DIGITENS project is the creation of the Digital Encyclopedia of British Sociability in the Long Eighteenth Century, a project launched in April 2021 and that will be finished in December 2022 with the publication of 200 entries related to concepts, objects, people, practices and places of sociability.

The entries will offer links to images, digitized documents and archival sources that have been used by the authors to produce the entries.

* General Editor (G.E.): Prof. Annick Cossic
* Managing Editors (M.E.): Dr Kimberley Page-Jones & Dr Valérie Capdeville & Prof. Alain Kerhervé
* Image Editor: Dr Mascha Hansen
* Copy Editor: Dr Emrys Jones & Dr Sophie Mesplède
* The other members of the Editorial Board: Prof. Michèle Cohen, Prof. Brian Cowan, Prof. Sebastian Domsch, Prof. Allan Ingram, Prof. Véronique Léonard-Roques, Prof. Alexis Tadié, Prof. Mark Knights, Isabelle Breuil, Dr Philippa Hellawell

* The reviewing team: Dr Katherine Aske, Prof. Susanne Schmid, Dr Katy Mair, Prof. Marie-Madeleine Martinet, Prof. Pierre-Yves Beaurepaire, Dr Marianne Charrier-Vozel, Prof. Alain Montandon, Prof. Michele Cohen, Prof. Ersy Contogouris, Dr Annick Lemoine, Dr Mascha Hansen, Prof. Allan Ingram, Dr Emrys Jones, Prof. Mark Knights, Prof. Véronique Léonard-Roques, Prof. Miriam Sette, Prof. Alexis Tadié, Prof. Eleonora Sasso

* The members of the Anthology project: Prof. Alain Kerhervé (head), Prof. Sebastian Domsch, Prof. Véronique Léonard-Roques, Jean-Philippe Moreux, Prof. Alexis Tadié, Dr. Karl Wood.