Les actualit├ęs https://www.univ-brest.fr/digitens/outils/Flux_RSS Les actualit├ęs Prof. Mrinalini SINHA (University of Michigan, USA) - December 2018, Maison de la Recherche https://www.univ-brest.fr/digitens/outils/News/Prof.-Mrinalini-SINHA--University-of-Michigan--USA----December-2018--Maison-de-la-Recherche.cid182363 Conference: &quot;Undoing Imperial Sociability: The Indianization of an Imperial Institution and the Limits of Cultural Transfers&quot; <br /><br />Mrinalini Sinha is Alice Freeman Palmer Professor in the Department of History and Professor (by courtesy) in the Departments of English Language and Literature and Women&rsquo;s Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has written on various aspects of the political history of colonial India, with a focus on anti-colonialism, gender, and transnational approaches. She is the author of Colonial Masculinity: The &lsquo;manly Englishman&rsquo; and the &lsquo;effeminate Bengali&rsquo; in the late nineteenth century (1995) and of Specters of Mother India: The Global Restructuring of an Empire (2006) that won the Joan Kelley Memorial Prize from the American Historical Association and the Albion Book Prize from the North American Conference of British Studies. She is a recipient of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship for work on a new book project with the working title, &ldquo;Complete Political Independence: The Curious History of a Nationalist Indian Demand.&rdquo; <br /> Thu, 13 Dec 2018 05:57:00 GMT https://www.univ-brest.fr/digitens/outils/News/Prof.-Mrinalini-SINHA--University-of-Michigan--USA----December-2018--Maison-de-la-Recherche.cid182363 2018-12-13T05:57:00Z