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FOR dermatology and psychiatry congress
BREST / 21-23 JUIN 2017


June 21th morning


9h : open registration
10h-12h: ESDaP executive committee (Petite Galerie)
12h-14h: ESDaP study meeting (Petite Galerie)

June 21th afternoon

14h00: Opening of the Congress (Méridienne)

14h15-17h30: ESDaP 1 : Bridging the Gap between Body and Mind…(Méridienne)
14h15:14h45: Matthieu Talagas (Brest, France) : Neuro-cutaneous synapses
14h45-15h15: Silla Consoli (Paris, France): From somatoform disorders to DSM-5 somatic symptom and related disorder
15h15-15h45: Andrea Evers (Leiden, Netherlands) : Placebo and nocebo effects
15h45-16h15: coffee break
16h15-16h45: Ladan Mostaghimi (Madison, USA) : Skin and sleep disorders
16h45-17h00: Vera Leibovici (Jerusalem, Israel): Psoriasis and depression-a review
17h00-17h15: Kerry Montgomery (Sheffield, United Kingdom): The potential role of mindfulness in reducing distress in dermatology patients.
17h15-17h30: Agneta Andersson: “Acta Dermato-Venereologica” and ESDaP: the key to a successful collaboration
17h30-17h45: Herman Musaph Awards Ceremony

14h15-15h00: Groupe Psychodermatologie: Repères théoriques et abords pratiques (Salle N°2)
14h15-15h00 : Sylvie Consoli (Paris, France): Peau et psychanalyse
15h00-15h45 : Maria Squillante (Nantes, France) : Peau et théorie de l’attachement
15h45-16h15: pause-café
16h15-17h00 : Julien Betbèze (Nantes, France) : Peau et hypnose

June 21th evening

18h-20h: Welcome reception at the convention center
20h-….: Music Festival in the town of Brest

June 22th morning

9h00-12h15: ESDaP 2 : Itch and related disorders (Méridienne)
9h00-9h30: Gudrun Schneider (Münster, Germany): Psychosomatic aspects of itch
9h30-10h00: Laurent Misery (Brest, France): Psychogenic itch
10h00-10h30: Andrey Lvov (Moscow, Russia): Psychiatric equivalents of itch
10h30-11h00: coffee break
11h00-11h30: Christina Schut (Giessen, Germany/Philadelphia, USA): Psychological interventions and itch
11h30-11h45 : Mohammad Jafferany (Saginaw, USA): Treatment of skin picking: Interdisciplinary role of dermatologist and psychiatrist
12h00-12h15: Vinciane Le Bris (Brest, France) : Usefulness of psychological intervention for the treatment of burning mouth syndrome

9h00- 12h30 : Forum Peau Humaine et Société (salle N°2)
9h00-9h45 : Stéphane Héas (Rennes, France) et Yannick Le Hénaff (Rouen, France) : Vivre avec un pemphigus aujourd'hui en France; premiers éléments d'enquête qualitative
9h45-10h30 : David Le Breton (Strasbourg, France) : Peau et adolescence, entre scarification et tatouages ou piercings
10h30-11h00 : pause-café
11h00-11h45 : Patrick Moureaux (Vannes, France) : SciencesPeau et Peaulithique
11h45-12h30 : Corinne Déchelette (Castres, France) : Tweeter sur la peau

12h30-14h00 : lunch

June 22th afternoon

14h00-15h00: ESDaP 3 : Children and adolescents (Méridienne)
14h00-14h30: Sébastien Barbarot (Nantes, France): Therapeutic education
14h30-15h00: Olivier Revol (Lyon, France): Treating the Y and Z generations, a challenge for 21th century physicians

15h00-15h30: coffee break

15h30-17h30: ESDaP4: Free communications (Méridienne)
15h30-15h45: Melanie Miyanji de Souza (Nairobi, Kenya): Pigmentary disorders in dark skinned persons cause immense mental issues
15h45-16h00: Dimitre Dimitrov (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) : Stigmatization in dermatology- an overview
16h00-16h15: Kate Adkins (Sheffield, United Kingdom): Appearance comparisons as mediator and risk factor for acne-related stigma
16h15-16h30: Francesca Sampogna (Rome, Italy): Measuring the impact of dermatological conditions on family and caregivers: a review of dermatology-specific instruments
16h30-16h45: Yoko Kataoka (Osaka, Japan): Is coping of atopic dermatitis patients originated from their own character or secondarily remodeled by disease suffering? Obvious improvement of coping and psychiatric symptoms after “tight eczema control”
16h45-17h00: Joerg Kupfer (Giessen, Germany): Structured patient education in adults with atopic dermatitis – results from a German multi-center study
17h00-17h15: Emilie Brenaut (Brest, France): Factors influencing patient satisfaction: assessment in outpatients in dermatology department
17h15-17h30: Camille Gravelier (Metz, France): STIGBATE : Sociology for better treatment of burned patients with face or arms injuries

17h30-18h30: ESDaP Poster session

14h00- 16h00: Forum Peau Humaine et Société (Salle N°2)
14h00-14h45: Dominique Penso-Assathiany (Issy les Moulineaux, France) : Le patient, les gants et le dermatologue : le toucher élégant ou le toucher et les gants ?
14h45-15h30 : Charles Taieb (Paris, France) : Fardeau des maladies dermatologiques
15h30-16h15 : Jacques Chevallier (Lyon, France) : La peau teinte.... Histoire de l'utilisation des colorants en dermatologie

17h00-19h00 : Visite de l’exposition sur la peau à l’abbaye de Daoulas (avec le soutien de Bioderma)

June 22th evening

20h00-24h00 : Congress Dinner

June 23th morning

9h00-10h30 : ESDaP5 : Psychodermatological interactions (Méridienne)
9h00-9h30 : Dmitry Romanov (Moscow, Russia): Hypochondriasis circumscripta and related artificial disorders in dermatology
9h30-10h00: Anthony Bewley (London, UK): From delusional infestation to olfactory reference syndrome
10h00-10h30: Anna Zalewska (Lodz, Poland): Psychodermatological consultations in practice

10h30-11h00 : coffee break

11h00-12h00 : ESDaP General Assembly (Méridienne)

9h00-12h30 : Société Francophone de Dermatologie Psycho-Somatique : La relation médecin-malade comme outil thérapeutique (Salle N°2)
9h00-9h30 : Sylviane Bertolus (Paris, France) : La dermatologie relationnelle
9h30-10h00 : Nathalie Feton-Danou (Paris, France) : Observance : cas cliniques
10h00-10h30 : Claudia Béjar (Paris, France) : La médecine narrative un outil thérapeutique pour le médecin et le malade
10h30-11h00 : pause-café
11h00-11h30 : Zoé Stamatopoulou (Paris. France) : L’espace relationnel et l’adhésion thérapeutique
11h30-12h00 : Anne-Do Taieb-Chapelon (Paris France) : L’entre : rencontre d’un patient et d’un psychothérapeute
12h00-12h30 : Irène Frachon (Brest, France), Philippe Reinert (Créteil, France) et Alexandre Ostojic (Créteil, France) : table ronde « La relation médecin malade et la confiance »

12h30-14h00: lunch

June 23th afternoon

14h00-15h30: ESDaP6 : Psyche and skin diseases (Méridienne)
14h00-14h30 : Gaëlle Quereux (Nantes) : Coping stratégies in melanoma
14h30-15h00 : Nicole Basset-Seguin (Paris, France): Psychological consequences of surgical treatment of skin cancers
15h00-15h30 : Carle Paul (Toulouse, France): Psoriasis and alexithymia
15h30-16h00 : poster session

14h00-17h00 : Groupe Psychodermatologie: Repères théoriques et abords pratiques (salle N°2)
14h00-14h45: Jean-Christophe Seznec (Paris, France) : prise en charge d’une trichotillomanie en pratique
14h45-15h30 : Alain Golay (Genève, Suisse) : Peau et éducation thérapeutique
15h30-16h15 : Françoise Poot (Bruxelles, Belgique) : Peau et thérapie familiale
16h15-17h00 : Martine Schollhammer & Myriam Chastaing (Brest, France) : Consultation conjointe de psychodermatologie