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The Discourse of Public Participation Media From Talk Show to Twitter

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Welcome to the HCTI website
French Website

Director of the Laboratory: Alain Kerhervé
Assistant-Director in Lorient: Immaculada Fàbregas-Alégret

Address HCTI laboratory in Lorient:
4 rue Jean Zay - 56100 Lorient
Address HCTI laboratory in Brest:
20 rue Duquesne - CS93837 - 29238 Brest cedex 03

Secretariat in Brest: Noémie Flood (noemie
and Marie-Laure Trébaul (
Secretariat in Lorient: Josiane Le Gal (

English version of the Website by BTU. For French version, click here or at the top of the page.