Site Model

and constructions
in text and image

Research project

The new unifying theme of the HCTI-EA 4249 host research team is entitled “Leading lines” (“Lignes de force”). A continuation of the theme of the previous contract, “Power ratios” (“Rapport de force”), this theme also emphasizes relationships to images. Indeed, while “leading lines” is a concept specific to iconography, painting and architecture, it can nevertheless be perfectly applied to the structures of texts and discourse. In iconology, the leading lines are those lines that direct the spatial organisation of the painting and are responsible for the balance of the image. These are lines traced in the image, either actually or virtually, by the arrangement of the masses and the colours. Leading lines can be arranged in different ways (pyramid, horizontal, vertical or oblique), and notably build the hierarchies, dynamics or breaks that structure the whole.

The study of the “leading lines” nevertheless proposes an angle of approach that is the complete opposite to that of the previous theme, “Power ratios”. While the latter was more oriented towards the notion of conflict, the leading lines are concerned with construction.

It was agreed at the General Assembly of March 2015 that the theme would be broken down into three study fields: “Spaces” (“Espaces”), “Standards” (“Normes”) and “Intersections” (“Croisements”).