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Film-Poetry, Hybridity and Cultural Resilience in the Scottish Highlands and Islands and Western Brittany


International conference

Film-Poetry, Hybridity and Cultural Resilience
in the Scottish Highlands and Islands and Western Brittany

24-25 March 2022, Island of Lewis


Organised by the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and the University of Western Brittany (UBO/HCTI)

Organisers: Lindsay Blair (UHI) & Camille Manfredi (UBO/HCTI)


Call for papers

As part of the Hands Across The Sea project, this international conference aims to inject an innovative dynamic to support the endangered cultures of the Scottish Highlands & Islands and Western Brittany. It sets out to investigate ways to link the distinctive oral vernacular cultures in both Scotland and Brittany with genre-disruptive forms and new digital technologies.

Influential cultural and literary theorist Michael Gardiner has insisted on the need for a radical re-thinking of genres to enable Scottish culture to move forward. The same goes with Breton culture. We offer to investigate the ways innovative technologies as well as cross-generic and cross-disciplinary approaches can impact our cultural environments through multimediality, intermediality, the cross-pollination of arts, science and technology, as well as innovative approaches to orality and literacy.

To this aim, we invite critical as well as creative and hybrid, creative-academic responses to word-image relationship, “poetic cinema” (A. Tarkovsky 1983), film portraits, spoken work poetry films, photo-textual art, and film-poetry.

In 1984, William Wees contended that the filming of poetry “expands upon the specific denotations of words and the limited iconic references of images to produce a much broader range of connotations, associations, metaphors. At the same time, it puts limits on the potentially limitless possibilities of meaning in words and images, and directs our responses toward some concretely communicable experience.” The international conference offers to examine this tension between expansion and limitation in the light of cultural resilience.

We welcome proposals that address the conference theme “Film-poetry, hybridity and cultural resilience” from all perspectives, including but not limited to:

  • The contribution of hybrid art forms to the preservation and promotion of endangered languages (Breton, Gaelic, Scots, Shetland…)
  • The filming of poetry: historical and / or aesthetic perspectives
  • Critical approaches to the works of Margaret Tait, Alastair Cook, Roseanne Watt, Jean Epstein…
  • The promotion of Scottish and Breton poetry through film-portraits (of Angela Duval, Hugh MacDiarmid, Rab Wilson, Robert Alan Jamieson, Hamish Henderson, Eugène Guillevic, Glenmor…)
  • Innovative ways to draw upon the depths of oral culture within these endangered language communities (cross-disciplinary, word-image, documentary, creative, cross-cultural, musical collaborative, etc)
  • The potential links between the art industry, the creatives (poets, musicians and film-makers) and the universities
  • The outlets/audiences for innovative forms, the potential benefits to the endangered language cultures of Brittany and the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and their association with innovation
  • The role that a flourishing vernacular culture plays in the ‘life’ of these maritime communities
  • The contributions that minority/marginalised/migratory cultures make to the national cultures of Scotland and France.

Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words together with a bio-bibliography of no more than 200 words to both Lindsay.Blair.Moray@uhi.ac.uk and camille.manfredi@univ-brest.fr by November 31, 2021.

Successful applicants will be notified by December 15, 2021.

For further information on the project, please visit our website: