Incoming Students


Dorothée, du Québec (Collège Lionel-Groulx)


Evelyne, from Québec (Lionel-Groulx College)




Julia, from Germany (University of Emden-Leer)
I came to Quimper by train, and lived in the student residence. I would advise future Erasmus students to bring a raincoat, an umbrella and of course waterproof shoes, but also sunglasses. In my opinion, speaking French is not necessary, but it makes things easier.
I would recommend visiting “La Torche”, it is a really beautiful place and to use weekends for travelling and to learn French. It’s a wonderful language. I was really happy to stay in Quimper for 5 months. Quimper is not a big city, but has a lot to offer. And if somebody is from Middle or North Europe, It’s wonderful to stay here in winter time.

Chiara, from Italy (University of Trento)
While travelling between Italy and France I tried almost everything, and I can confirm that train+ car-sharing is the best solution ever. I mean, no airplane-luggage-stress and car-sharing is basically a French class that brings you at home.
I had my luggage full of rain-proof stuff: it was not that useful since Brittany was sun-paradise this semester. For fashionistas I would suggest no clothes: bring with you as much money as you can and go wasting it French boutiques.
ok seriously tips: a rain and wind proof coat, a swimsuit to be brave and splash in the ocean, a French grammar if you are dummies as me, photos of your friends in case you miss them, driver licence if you have one so you can rent a car and travel around.
I was too lazy to look for a flat, so I lived in the student residence. The people working here is super nice and you can wake up ten minutes before classes since the residence is twenty meters away from the IUT -but be aware that they are closing kitchens at 23h, so there’s no chance to cook spaghetti in the middle of night.
To have some action, you should visit the museums, if you’re lucky and it’s sunny go to the beach, travel at weekends.
No French is needed to survive. When I came here I was barely able to say “baguette”, now I can order coffee by myself.

Gilles, from Belgium (Leuven)
I came by to Quimper and lived in a house with another Erasmus student near the school. I would advise future Erasmus to bring a raincoat, an umbrella, a GPS… If they like living in a small town, then Quimper is more suitable. I would recommend Erasmus to go to places like Concarneau, Beg-Meil (if it’s sunny), Rennes, Quimperlé, Guimgamp, Brest and Nantes…because Quimper has loads of big cities around.
My best memories of Quimper will be parties, the chill moments hanging out with my friends, football games in Guimgamp, Rennes or Lorient and, the beginning of my French (it was quite humoristic!).


Luka, from Belgium (Leuven)
Do not forget to open a French bank account if you want to receive the CAF (financial help for accommodation). I encourage students to come to Quimper because it is ideal to learn French, everyone is friendly and the education is really personalized, the professors know each student relatively well.
The best of my Erasmus were evenings and nights with friends we made here.