12, 13, 14th April 2023

Our main objective is to organise a multicultural event that will be an incentive for our students (and teachers) to learn from/about foreign countries, to gain experience abroad through study periods (Erasmus, among other possibilities) or internships or international programs .


The online application form is to be completed by 15th January 2023: HERE


Guests will have to cover for their accommodation and transport expenses, but the IUT will provide lunches and dinners. You may apply to an Erasmus+ teaching funding programme, through your university, please contact your International Office.


Over these 3 days, our first-year students will have no regular classes, but they will be requested to attend some of the lectures given by our foreign guests. Attendance will be compulsory for the students.

We would be pleased if, in accordance with Erasmus practices, each guest could give 8 hours of lectures altogether( some lectures can be repeated) . Those one-hour lectures should be given in a foreign language preferably (English, German, Spanish). If that is impossible, the lectures can also be given in French.

Please bear in mind that our students are in 1st year.
Therefore, your lectures should not be too specialized or too ambitious, all the more as they will be given in a foreign language. The important thing is to give them the opportunity to attend lectures in a foreign language and/or to discover other universities and other countries.

Our students participating in those International Days are from the following departments:
-Business Administration (including Finance/accounting, Management of SMEs, H.R.M.);
-Logistics and transport;
-Biology and food industry.

Consequently, all the topics related to the above-mentioned areas (biochemistry/biology, economics, business law, management, etc.) are welcome (but should not be too specialized). Your lecture may also deal with a special aspect of the political/social/cultural life of your region/country.

Extracurricular activities
We intend to organise a dinner in a restaurant, a visit of some of the historical/cultural/touristic spots of the Quimper region. In addition to that, we will organise some events giving you “a taste of Brittany.


-By plane to Quimper airport (Pluguffan) from Orly Airport OR to Nantes airport from Roissy-CDG (you can then take a bus to the train station SNCF and reach Quimper)

-By train to Quimper from CDG Airport
(type in aéroport Paris-roissy-charles de gaulle)

-By train from Montparnasse station:
you can take a bus Air France from the airport to the train station
it's about 1 hour 15 minutes (but without traffic!!)

or you can take the metro


We suggest guest lecturers to stay at the hotel "Escale Oceania", because it is close to the train station and in the city centre.

The price of single room comfort B&B for 1 night is 81.10 euros (breakfast included).

You can book your room through the email address below, just inform them that you will participate at the "Journées Internationales" of the IUT Quimper:

Wait our mail confirmation that we will send you after having received your application form, to book your room.

The Hotel Escale Oceania, is just a 8 minute walk from the train station.
Map Train Station to Hotel

How to reach the IUT Quimper from the Hotel

On Wednesday morning a special bus will pick you up from the hotel entrance. Two teachers from the IUT will be there to welcome you.
For the other days, lecturers will have to use the city bus, so they can come and go from and to the IUT as they please according to their lectures schedule.

You take bus N°2 at "Résistance" bus stop, in the direction of Ty Bos and alight at the "IUT" stop.

Or you may take bus C2 at "Résistance" bus stop and alight at the "IUT" stop.

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