laboratoire orphy
optimisation des régulations


Assistant professor, Ph.D.

EA 4324 ORPHY, Département de biologie
UFR Sciences et Techniques,
Université Européenne de Bretagne, Université de Brest
6 avenue LE GORGEU, CS 93837,
29238 BREST cedex 3
Tel: +332. / fax: +332.

Scientific scopes / competences:
Study of adaptive mechanisms developed by organisms subject to exogenous or endogenous constraints.

Partnership, financed research project:
Cèdre/TOTAL Fluid

Research project founded :
Project Région Bretagne Hemoxy-shock: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the extracellular hemoglobin from Arenicola marina as a substitute of hemoglobin in uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock in rat model

Recent publications :

Dussauze M., Milinkovitch T., Thomas-Guyon H., Danion M., Lemaire P., Pichavant-Rafini K., Theron M., Le Floch S., 2016. An Experimental System to Assess Potential Biological Impact of Operational Response During an Oil Spill. Journal of Petroleum and Environmental Biotechnology 7(3): 282. doi:10.4172/2157-7463.1000282.

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Dussauze M., Pichavant-Rafini K., Le Floch S., Marziou A., Lemaire P., Fronteau L., Belhomme M., Theron M., 2016. In vitro diving simulation : a new approach to assess biological impact of hydrocarbons at depth. Proceedings of the 39th AMOP Technical Seminar on Environmental Contamination and Response. Halifax, Canada, 7-9 June: 304-316.

Leon K., Pichavant-Rafini K., Ollivier H., Monbet V. and L'Her E. 2015. Does induction time of mild hypothermia influence the survival duration of septic rats? Therapeutic hypothermia and temperature management, 5 (2), 85-88. DOI: 10.1089/Ther.2014.0024.

Dussauze M., Pichavant-Rafini K., Le Floch S., Lemaire P. and Theron M. 2015. Acute toxicity of chemically and mechanically dispersed crude oil on juvenile sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): absence of synergistic effects between oil and dispersants. Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 34(7), 1543-1551.

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Dussauze M. Danion M., Le Floch S., Lemaire P., Theron M., Pichavant-Rafini K., 2015. Growth and immune system performance to assess the effect of dispersed oil on juvenile sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). Ecology and Environmental Safety, 120, 215-222.

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