laboratoire orphy
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The research team

The team is constituted by :

  • 20 professors and associate professors from several faculties of UBO (Sciences, Medicine, Sport Sciences, Humanity and Social Sciences, University Institute of technology)
  • 4 medicine practitioners from the hospital, 1 hospital and research assistant
  • 6 (2.5 Full-Time Equivalent) technical and administrative members
  • 1 University Hospital Assistant
  • 6 PhD students (15/03/2019)

Our research activity is part of the Challenge 4 "Health and Welfare" as defined by the National Research Strategy France Europe 2020. Our investigations concern cardiovascular and muscular adaptations with the main objective of improving prevention and therapy in human. The main mechanisms studied concern metabolic (bioenergetics, inflammation, reactive oxygen species etc…), electrophysiological (ionic currents and excitability) and mechanical (contractility) aspects related to vascular and/or muscular functions. Studies are performed in various physiological and physiopathological conditions (see “research projects” sections).