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master celtique
Master in celtic studies

The University of Western Brittany, Brest

The University of Western Brittany is located in the lively port-city of Brest. The School of Arts and Social Sciences, home to the CRBC, is modern, practical and functional. Students registering for “Celtic language and cultures in contact” are guaranteed top-notch educational instruction by highly-trained, nationally-certified French and international university lecturers.

This means that money which would be otherwise spent on high registration/tuition fees can be used to cover educational expenses as well as living and transportation costs. In addition, students who would prefer to forgo living in a low-cost student dormitory can easily find high-quality rental accommodations in the city of Brest ranging from 250-400 euros per month.

In all cases, students who earn this master’s degree will benefit from a rigorous, intellectually stimulating curriculum which will certainly open multiple avenues for PhD research and, perhaps more importantly, provide them with valuable multilingual and practical professional skills which will serve them all of their lives, and all this in one of the loveliest parts of Brittany.


For those interested in learning more about this educational opportunity, consult the University of Western Brittany’s website: