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master celtique
Master in celtic studies


Semesters 7, 8, 9
Medieval Celtic Worlds and Modern Celtic Worlds


UE1 Common to both strands:

  • History of the Celtic languages
  • Introduction to the medieval Celtic languages:

- Old Irish or Modern Irish

- Middle Welsh or Modern Welsh

- Middle Breton or Modern Breton

  • Literatures of the Celtic nations
  • Histories and civilisations of the Celtic nations

UE2 : Option

UE2Medieval Celtic WorldsModern Celtic Worlds
EC1An introduction to Old French or LatinImmaterial heritage of the Celtic countries (Ethnology, morays and folkways...)
EC2Transversal approaches: The Arthurian Cycle and the Matter of Britain in the literatures of EuropeOral and written literatures of the Celtic countries
EC3History of texts and manuscripts (studies in paleography)Language shift, sociolinguistics & linguistic policies

Common to both strands:

UE3 Digital humanities

UE4 Modern languages: English, French, Breton...

UE5 Economy and law : professional integration

UE6 Tutorial subjects and professional internships


Semester 10 (common to both strands):

UE1 Master’s dissertation and viva + possibility of study or internship abroad in a Celtic country (Ireland, Wales)