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These studies focus on the analyse of trace organic pollutants in water by laser-induced molecular fluorescence. The excitation is done by a Nd:YAG tuneable laser.

A new methods using Photo Induced Fluorescence has been recently published.

Environmental applications have been conducted in freshwater and seawater :

  • Endocrine disruptors (phthalates and phenolics)
  • Bisphenol A by Direct Laser Photo-Induced Fluorescence (DL-PIF)
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) a family of organic pollutants carcinogens whose total concentration is limited to 0.2 mg/L in tap water. For the 6 regulated HPA We have obtained by direct analysis good detection limits, especially for benzo [a] pyrene with a DL of 0.7 ng/L. In the case of river water, the fluorescence of organic matter (humic acids) masks the compound. Using a time shift allows to reduce the matrix signal.

  • Pesticides
    - Anilides and phenylureas, by Direct Laser Photo-Induced Fluorescence (DL-PIF).
    - Carbamates by laser fluorescence  in different matrix. For example, for carbaryl the concentration limit for drinking water is 100 ng/L (500 ng / L for the sum of all pesticides). The use of a time delay of 6 ns can reduced the fluorescence of the matrix and achieve a detection limit of 10 ng/L.


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2 – Development of a new automatic on-site detector of pesticides in natural waters by photo induced fluorescence, application to three phenylurea and benzoylurea herbicide.
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3 - Ultraviolet photo-induced fluorescence followed by laser excitation (UV-PIF-LE) for the determination of herbicides in natural waters.
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4 – Combination of photo-induced fluorescence and GC-MS for elucidating the photo degradation mechanisms of diflubenzuron and fenuron pesticides.
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Published paper:

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Published paper:

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