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Etablissement : Brest University (UBO)
Affectation de recherche : OPTIMAG : Optic and Magnetic Laboratory,

Equipe(s) : Optical Team
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We study by fluorescence spectroscopy the physicochemical properties of liposomes membranes composed of cationic phospholipids. These cationic lipids are synthesized by the "synthetic vectors" team (Jaffrès Pr) and consist in two fatty chains, a spacer and a cationic head with the ability to complex the DNA.

By fluorescence anisotropy we study the membrane viscosity and the phase transition temperature depending on the membrane composition and on the addition of colipids.

By FRET we have evaluate the fusion rate of liposomes
We have also conducted experiments on transfection efficiency (INSERM U613, Pr Lehn and Pr Férec).











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