KOUMBA Sylvestre Alex

Ph D candidate in Management sciences Specialized in Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneur and Consultant-trainer

Etablissement : Université Bretagne Occidentale
Affectation de recherche : ICI (Information coordination incitations)

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Pour la messagerie : prénom.nom@univ-brest.fr
Page personnelle : http://www.excel-partners-consulting.com/


*As a researcher, my activities are focused on entrepreneurship, and specifically on transnational entrepreneuship. My thesis focuses on the support of business ventures related to the country of origin. The main problematic is " Which model of support business service for the transnational entrepreneur ?". Transnational diasporan entrepreneurs are migrants and their descendants who establish entrepreneurial activities that span the national business environments of their countries of origin and countries of residence ( Riddle, and al. 2010). We elaborated for this, an original model called IMANA and an engineering method individual accompanying ( The KA METHOD) which purpose is to improve and realize a qualitative leap in the practice of accompaniment, the acquisition of keys skills in adequation with the craft of business leader, and the construction of new business venture related to the country of origin and the host country.

*My others centers of the interest are also moving around educational issues and specifically on entrepreneurial pedagogy, the business management, innovation and creativity process.

*As a consultant-trainer and entrepreneur, i have created Excel Partners Consulting. We work closely with, business leaders (Vse, smes, smis), business executives, employees teams, heads of institutions related to business creation. We provide innovative training programs to develop and improve the efficiency of organisational process, the management, the development of individual and collective potential, and the improvement of practices.