Doctorant / PhD student

Etablissement : Université Bretagne Occidentale
Affectation de recherche : LM2E (Laboratoire de microbiologie des environnements extrêmes)

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I am a last-year PhD student who works on the development of a new technique of cell immobilization for the continuous culture of marine anaerobic (hyper)thermophilic microorganisms in a gas-lift bioreactor. The aim of this method, already used for the study of gut microbiota, is to better monitor population dynamics, to study the impact of culture conditions on microorganisms and eventually to cultivate new species.

This technique of entrapment of microorganisms in gel beads is based on a dispersion process in a two-phase system (emulsion). Currently we already developed a protocol for immobilization of marine anaerobic (hyper)thermophilic microorganisms which was suitable for their continuous culture in a gas-lift bioreactor. We also developed tools to monitor activity of microorganisms within beads and to extract DNA of microorganisms entraped in gel beads.

The next step will be to immobilize raw samples of hydrothermal vents in order to study communities of this ecosystem.