LE ROY Pascal

Département Sciences de la Terre, UBO

Etablissement : Université Bretagne Occidentale
Affectation de recherche : LGO, IUEM

Equipe(s) : Astre
Pour la messagerie : prénom.nom@univ-brest.fr
Tél.State telephone (33) 2 98 49 87 26

Page personnelle : pascal.leroy@univ-brest.fr

 Outline :
Characterization, evolution and preservation of sedimentary bedforms on the continental shelves. They are studies in relation with natural forcing agents (climate, sea level, hydrodynamic and palaeoceanography, tectonics) occurring at different time scales, from an event-scale to million years (Quaternary). The studies are mainly based on combined data including seismic, swath bathymetry and coring with a both continental and marine approach.

Topics :

• Incised valleys (formation, preservation) on continental shelves

• Sedimentation and Quaternary evolution of lagoon environments in carbonate systems (Eparses Islands, Mozambic Channel), and mixed systems ( New Caledonia)

• Short term and long term evolution of sand banks in tidal-dominated continental shelves .

• Stratal patterns under tectonics control and climate