RIVET Sylvain

Actuellement à l'Université du Kent, GB, sur une bourse IEF Marie Curie

Etablissement : Université Bretagne Occidentale
Affectation de recherche : LSOL (Laboratoire de spectrométrie et optique laser)

Equipe(s) : Propagation laser en milieux diffusants
Pour la messagerie : prénom.nom@univ-brest.fr
Page personnelle : http://mcbrestinkent.tumblr.com/


• Doctorate in Physics, with honours, University of Bordeaux (France), December 2001
DISSERTATION: Complete Characterization of Femtosecond Laser Pulses: Spatiotemporal Coupling Analysis for Linear and Nonlinear Propagation
ADVISOR: Professor Lionel Canioni
• Training in Non Linear Optics, CREOL University of Central Florida (USA), July and August 1998
• D.E.A in Physics, 2nd year M.Sc. (French equivalent), with honours, University of Bordeaux (France), June 1997
• Maîtrise in Physics, 1st year French M.Sc. (French equivalent), with honours, University of Bordeaux (France), July 1996
• Licence in Physics, B.Sc. (French equivalent), with honours, University of Bordeaux (France), July 1995

• Full-time Lecturer, University of Brest, Spectrometry and Laser Optics Laboratory (LSOL) France, October 2002 to Present
(i) Research: my research activity can be classified in three categories. Firstly, I worked on femtosecond laser pulse metrology and non linear optics during my PhD. This work allowed me to acquire solid skills in experimental optics and metrology. Just after my PhD, I was hired as a lecturer at the University of Brest. I have  recently initiated and developed a line of research on the snapshot measurement of the polarimetric Mueller matrix. This research has resulted in ten publications that have demonstrated the feasibility of the technique and its unique potential applications. In line with the priorities set by his university, my major aim is to enhance the technology so that it can be applied to medical diagnosis.
(ii) Courses taught: 1) Optics and Physics to undergraduate and postgraduate students (200 hours of lectures and practicals per year), Geometrical Optics Physical Measurement, Wave Optics, Fourier Optics, Non Linear Optics, Laser, OCT. 2) Training (Master of Science in Education) for French secondary school teaching certificate (competitive exam).
(iii) Outreach activities: several open days (3-5 days / year) for students and the general public visiting the laboratory, participation in a scientific exhibition (« Fête de la Science » ) for the general public during a week per year (poster, funny and illustrative experiments in optics).
• ATER, French research and teaching assistant, University of Bordeaux (France), October 2001 - October 2002