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laboratoire d'optique
et de magnétisme

OPTIMAG Laboratory

Director: Yann LE GRAND 02 98 01 62 37

The OPTIMAG Optics and Magnetism Laboratory is the result of a restructuring by fusion of the Laser Spectrometry and Optics Laboratory (LSOL) and the coupling team of the Magnetism Laboratory of Brittany (LMB). It is located at the UFR Sciences et Technique in Brest.

Optics Team

Responsible: Bernard Le Jeune

The optical team's disciplinary field is instrumental optics, and the theme developed more precisely is optical metrology for diffusing and complex environments. His areas of expertise are polarimetry, coherent techniques, lidar techniques, non-linear optics and microscopy. Its activities are in the field of biophotonics, marine lidar and material characterization.

Magnetism Team

Responsible: David Spénato

The Magnetism team is particularly interested in the static and dynamic magnetic properties of nanostructures. Indeed, these structures have innovative magnetic properties and are currently the subject of strong interest from the scientific community due to their potential use in devices for spin electronics, in the field of health and the environment. It should be noted that all the nanostructures studied are carried out within the team itself. This illustrates one of the major skills of our research team: the synthesis of magnetic materials upstream of innovative applications.