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"Phosphore et vectorisation"
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"Phosphorus & Vectorisation" group

The « Phosphorus & Vectorisation » research group was founded in 2007. This team belongs to CEMCA laboratory (UMR CNRS 6521).

Lipid chemistry and phosphorus chemistry constitute our main interest with applications in the following areas: gene and nucleic acid delivery, modulation of ionic channel activities, synthesis of building blocks to design coordination complexes and hybrid materials. From our research activity dedicated to gene delivery, we have funded with three other research groups the platform SynNanoVect that offers gene transfectants and services dedicated to vectorisation.

After 10 years of existence (2007-2016), the research group “Phosphore & vectorisation” member of the CEMCA Laboratory (UMR CNRS 6521) has created jointly with the group CHASAM a new research group : COSM within the CEMCA laboratory.
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Prof. Paul-Alain Jaffrès

Equipe “Phosphore & Vectorisation”

6 Av. Victor Le Gorgeu
29238 Brest cedex France

Phone : (00 33) (0)2 98 01 61 53
Fax : (00 33) (0)2 98 01 70 01

e-mail : pjaffres@