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Grant Manager 
Véronique LAURENT

 30 in 60 % of the time of the researchers are dedicated to find funding applying for fellowships

10 in 20 % of the subdued projects are accepted

Professor Claude Férec, director of the unit created a transversal grant manager job to make save time to the researchers to make the scientific monitoring of national, European, international calls and to apply to funding programs and evaluations files.

This relatively recent job in France requires a post-doctoral scientific training to apply on very different themes from five teams which was completed by the trainings in management, project management, Research and development of the Medicine, communication, European projects and organization of forum " Doctors and Companies " to acquire a double skill allowing the constitution of files, at the level of the writing of the scientific project, the administrative project using the management tools of project (Gantt, Pert), the presentation of the laboratory and the candidate, but also the budget.

The objectives of the grant manager are: 

  • Scientific monitoring and dissemination of National, European and international, public, private, associative calls, as well as mobility programs : among 315 corporate foundations and 608 state-approved foundations and associations committee members of the charter listed by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Applying 
  • European files 
  • Implementation of a network of contacts :
    • Délégation Régionale Inserm, Nantes
    • Service Recherche du CHRU Brest
    • Cellule Europe UBO, Brest
    • Cellule Europe Paris, Inserm
    • Présidence de l’UBO, et ses services recherche et communication
    • Mission Chercheurs Inserm, Paris
    • ITMO Génétique
    • Programme Avenir et européens (PCRD) / Suivi jeunes chercheurs


Véronique Laurent

Grant manager

IBRBS Faculté de Médecine

22 rue Camille Desmoulins

29200 BREST


Tel: 33 (0)6 62 79 91 44
Fax: 33 (0) 2 98 01 64 74
E-mail: veronique.laurent(at)

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