Parcours SIIA : Systèmes Intelligents, Interactifs et Autonomes

Mise à jour le   06/07/2023

Master by Research SIIA

Interactive, Autonomous and Intelligent Systems





The SIIA Master aims to give students the tools and techniques that allow the implementation of Interactive, Intelligent and/or Autonomous Systems, in its two facets: design of autonomous interactive systems, and AI and interactive systems.
The Master's degree takes place over 2 years, or 4 semesters.
The first year is general. The teaching is given in french in the form of lectures, tutorials, practical work, supervised projects, personal projects and time spent in a research laboratory.
The second year of the Master's program is structured around the Intelligent and Autonomous Interactive Systems (SIIA) track. The first semester is a period of courses, the second semester is essentially devoted to an internship of at least 5 months in a research laboratory (with subjects proposed by the Lab-STICC, the course's parent laboratory), a tech startup or a corporate R&D department.
The SIIA Master is closely related to the Interaction Department of the Lab-STICC laboratory.

The program of the 2nd year of the SIIA Master constitutes in (see the figure below):

  • Academics modules:
    • Focus on interactive systems and their conception: modeling, design and evaluation of interactive systems, virtual and augmented reality, tangible user interface.
    • Focus on artificial intelligence techniques used in interactive systems: interactive machine learning, modeling and simulation of autonomous systems, cognitive sciences, knowledge representation and reasoning, robotics.
  • Methodology-centered modules, such as scientific and technological watch, scientific methodology and experimental validation, and conferences from external professionals (industrial or academic).


Opening to English-speaking students

The 2nd year of the SIIA Master is open to English-speaking students, following a Master by Research (MScR) programme. This Master by Research places an emphasis on research skills by giving students the opportunity to follow 3 academic modules among 5, and do a research project supervised by a local researcher (see the program below, or follow this link). It can give useful experience of what studying for a doctorate might be like, whilst at the same time allowing to earn a valuable masters level qualification.



The program of the 2nd year of the SIIA Master within the Master by Research.

Application procedure

Important dates

The application procedure is open from Monday 15 May to Tuesday 20 June 2023
Notifications of acceptance will be delivered at the start of July 2023.


Each candidate must have a research project in the M2 SIIA topics, and a supervisor belonging to the Lab-STICC.

The research project must be built ahead your application. We recommend you to identify a suitable supervisor to discuss your research idea before you apply to ensure that we have the right specialist area you are interested in, and that this area is within the Master's topics. The web site of the Lab-STICC Interaction Department is a good place to start to find a supervisor.

Application file

The mandatory documents of the application file are:

  • Certified minimum level of C1 in English (850 TOEIC points) (or native language)
  • Certified Bachelor's degree (Licence, 180 validated ECTS or equivalent) and transcripts of grades
  • Certified ongoing Master's degree (60 validated ECTS or equivalent) and transcripts of grades
  • Motivation letter and CV
  • Short description of the research proposal (1-3 pages)
  • Opinion letter from the project local supervisor

The application file must be sent to one of the contacts listed above within the dates of the application procedure.

Review of applications

Each application received will be examined with respects to the following criteria: suitability of the research project with the M2 SIIA topics, academic level of the candidate, level compared with the other applications, number of available places.

For more details and information about the SIIA Master by Research, please contact Jérémy Rivière, Assistant Professor at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO), and in charge of the SIIA master's degree.