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Prochain séminaire

Le 19 octobre 2021, à 17h Amphi F
UFR Sciences

Pourquoi les mammifères plus massifs vivent-ils plus longtemps ?
Les rôles du métabolisme et de la masse
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Save the date

ORPHY will take part to the "Animal & Health" symposium
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Fishes and rats on the same starting line !

Morgane Pengam passed her phD the 30th march 2021
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An Award for BAUPRE

Matthieu Dussauze (post-doc.) received in march the ITOPF R&D 2020 award for BAUPRE, a new ORPHY project
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Orphy under the sea

Members of ORPHY and TEK Diving has been involved in an underwater habitat project.
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The laboratory

ORPHY (EA4324) is a research unit in animal and human physiology, located on two sites (UFR Sciences and Medicine).

ORPHY is part of the Institute of health-agro-material (IBSAM) of the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO, Brest, France). The team studies cardiovascular and muscular adaptations, from cell to human in physiological and pathophysiological conditions. Clinical and fundamental approaches are used through in vivo and in vitro methodologies adapted to Health questions.

Director : Michael THERON
Co-director : Karine PICHAVANT & Marie-Agnès METGES

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February the 19th & March the 1st, 2 p.m.

Discussion of all researchers

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HCERES evaluation of our team


Laboratoire ORPHY

UFR Sciences et Techniques,

Université de Bretagne Occidentale
6 Av. Le Gorgeu - CS 93837
29238 BREST Cedex 3 - FRANCE

Directrice :

C.MOISAN (+332.

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