Mise à jour le   08/11/2022


Offer an internship opportunity


Looking to give our students an assignment and support them in perfecting their professional skills?

Two- to six-month internships are carried out each year.

Internship calendar:
  • Three-year Bachelor’s degree (L3): eight-week internships from April onwards.

  • Master’s degree in Management and Business Administration (Master MAE): four- to six-month internships from January onwards.



Offer a work-study opportunity


Looking to employ a student as part of a work-study programme for a period of 12 to 24 months? Then you’ll be pleased to know that most of our Master’s courses are work-study programmes.


  • Professional Bachelor’s degree (Licence Professionnelle) in Insurance Banking and Finance (Account Manager) (Assurance, Banque, Finance (Chargé(e) de clientèle)): 12-month work-study programme from September onwards.

  • One-year Master’s degrees (Master 1): 24-month work-study programme from September onwards.  


  • Two-year Master’s degrees (Master 2): 12-month work study programme from September onwards.


Offer a job opportunity



Looking to fill a position? IAE has its own graduate association.

Why not send us your job offer by uploading it on our Career Center to make it immediately accessible to all of our students.