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MANA’WAVE Student Office

Mana’Wave is the Student Office (Bureau des Étudiants, BDE) at IAE Bretagne Occidentale.


Since 2007, it has been coordinating IAE student initiatives and helping students to make the most of their experience by organising evenings, meet-ups, and cultural and sporting events, and providing students with guidance and support for their projects.



The aim of the alumni network of IAE Bretagne Occidentale is to maintain the social link between graduates, interns and students, and to provide opportunities for exchange with current students and interns.


Joining the association:

  • Maintain ties between new and former IAE students.
  • Contribute to IAE’s development and reputation.


Getting involved in the running of the association:

  • Play a central role in the network and the institution.
  • Bring the network to life collectively.
  • Or simply join for the pleasure of sharing, collaborating and supporting one another in a friendly setting.


The University of Western Brittany (UBO) offers a great many events for students and staff.



It contributes to the organisation of student activities on all university campuses by welcoming students and providing them with information about university life such as associations, culture, sport, health, and various commitments.


BVE is the main point of contact for student associations, providing assistance for functioning (address, premises, lease requests, equipment) and offering support for all student projects through the FSDIE Fund for student initiatives.


BVE is also tasked with fostering student citizenship: involvement in different councils and boards (conseils), and participation in representative elections.


For further information, please contact:
Email: bve@univ-brest.fr
Tel.: +33(0)2 98 01 69 43

IAE de brest - Vie étudiante



The Sports and Physical Activities Department (SUAPS) offers over 50 different sporting activities.


The annual joining fee is included in the CVEC contribution to student life payment. There is a €30 supplement for outdoor watersports activities.


For further information, please contact:

Gymnase universitaire

4, rue du Bouguen, 29200 Brest

Tel.: +33 (0)2 98 01 64 16 – Email: suaps@univ-brest.fr




CROUS are state-run regional centres for student services, whose aim is to improve student living and working conditions. Seven student representatives sit on the Board (Conseil d’Administration) and are members of the commissions.



It mainly operates in the traditional sectors of accommodation, catering, and the allocation and management of higher education grants. But it also fulfils other missions such as social welfare services for students experiencing difficulties, on-campus cultural services and activities, temporary job offers, and welcoming international students.

CROUS - IAE de Brest

Eugénie RAGOT


The Bouguen University Library (BU du Bouguen) is specialised in Management Sciences. Students can use this space for quiet study all day and evening until 22:00. Library staff are on hand to offer help with obtaining information and literature, training on documentary research, and to help access the wide range of digital services available.


10, avenue Le Gorgeu,

29200 Brest

Tel.: +33(0)2 98 01 64 04


The University Medical Centre (SUMPPS) is a service offering general healthcare consultations. Other specialised healthcare services are also available.


When visiting the health centre, do not forget to take your French health insurance card (Carte Vitale) and your top-up/additional health insurance papers (attestation de complémentaire santé) to receive the relevant reimbursements.


13, rue de Lanrédec, 29200 Brest

Tel.: +33 (0)2 98 01 82 88

SUMPPS - IAE de Brest


The Handiversité advisors provide specific support for students with disabilities. They work alongside teaching and administrative staff to ensure accessibility and specific arrangements for courses, student life, and examinations/competitive exams.


Building (Bâtiment) C – Office (Bureau) C033

20 av. Victor Le Gorgeu, 29200 Brest

Tel.: +33 (0)2 98 01 82 99


From the Brest Life website

For more information about the city of Brest, visit the Best Life website.

Ville de Brest - IAE de Brest

Eugénie Ragot


  • Walk, bike, bus, tram and cable car (Did you know that, Brest is equipped with the first urban cable car in France?), everything is designed to make the daily lives of urban public transportation easier.


  • The road and public transport networks makes it easy to get around. With its 16 bus lines and a tram, the Bibus network means that universities in Brest are particularly well-connected.


an affordble city

Good news: the city is also one of the most affordable territories in the hexagon**, an essential fact when we know that housing is the biggest expense for students.


Become a young property owner, rent an electric bike, practice the activity of your choice at the lowest cost, go to the sea or go to the countryside every weekend, here in the west, it's possible!


** Source: Classement des villes selon le coût de la vie étudiante / Août 2019, UNEF-

    a dynamic city

    A pioneer in many fields, the territory is a reference in the field of research and innovation. The Pays de Brest represents 24% of public research in Brittany and ranks first in Europe in the field of marine sciences and technologies. Enthusiastic? Here, you will be able to explore, search, move the lines and move forward!


    One of the biggest assets of this energy is the people and the solidarity that unites them. The strength of the networks, their number, their accessibility, the model of cooperatives or even the ample diversity of the associative fabric, illustrate this collective strength, this social cohesion, this will to put ideas, projects, and players in motion.

      Brest - IAE de Brest

      Eugénie Ragot

      an accomplished city

      No matter the season, the community or the district, you will discover a territory of creation and diffusion of cultures. Whatever the environment, everyone can find something to their liking in the suggested programs.


      From the Quartz, France's first national stage (outside Paris), to the Armorica of Plouguerneau, a cultural center at the crossroads of the arts, via the Brest Arena, a sports and events venue, or the Vauban, the mythical cabaret in the city center, discover each of these spots and let yourself be absorbed by their unique atmosphere.

        SUAPS - IAE de Brest


        an athletic city

        With, a club, an association, in a group or alone, you will not have a valid excuse to refrain from getting a move on! It is very easy, except for snow skiing. One can practice almost any sport in the Brest area. And if your dream is to go at sea after work, rejoice: in a few minutes you will be on the water and the office will seem far away.


        80% of the Brest region population practices an athletic activity. This energy, is particularly noticeable in Brest: with more than 120 disciplines, 225 clubs, 45,000 licensed athletes, 4,000 volunteers and its harbor of 18,000 hectares, the city is an example for the Department of Sports that granted Brest with the Label " Ville active et sportive” in February 2017.

        a festive city 

        Whether you like to celebrate music, art or the sea, you will be spoiled with the abundance of festival choices that are programmed every year in the Pays de Brest:


        • The Bout du Monde Festival, a significant meeting place for world music, its name “the tip of the world” is quite representative, as it takes place on the Crozon peninsula, a unique site, to be discovered.

        • More into electronic music? You have probably heard of Astropolis ("Astro" for the connoisseurs), which has become one of the top European festivals in its category.


        • Whatever your musical tastes may be, you can’t miss the Vieilles Charrues music Festival: the commune of Carhaix, in Center-Brittany hosts the largest music festival in France and one of the largest in Europe with more than 250,000 festival-goers at each edition.


        • Here, you will experience the international maritime festival, a “must see” event that brings together 750,000 visitors, around 2,000 sail boats, 9,000 sailors and 3,000 musicians. 6 magical days that bring together Brest and visitors from around the world.


        “ Fête du Bruit” music festival, short film festival, Pipebands’ Spring, Atlantic Jazz Festival, “Pluie d’images” photo festival, brass bands festival, « Jeudi du port » weekly events… parties, with friends or family, echo from the tip of Brittany.