Thesis Excellence Awards 2023 of the UBO foundation: Marie Morel and Yvonne Scuiller awarded

Amphi Guilcher, Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Université de Brest

The annual graduation ceremony of the PhD candidates took place on Thursday 15th. Every year, the UBO foundation awards 10 newly graduate doctors. 


Marie Morel received the second prize of excellence in the field of Health Sciences for her thesis project: 'Involvement of glycosylation in B lymphocyte pathophysiology'. 


Yvonne Scuiller received a special prize for her international mobility at Brice Gaudillère's Lab at Stanford University School of Medicine within the framework of her thesis project 'Development of new analysis tools for the images generated by the Hyperion mass cytometer'. 


The Mathematician and Fields Medal-awarded Cédric Villani was the sponsor of this edition.


Congratulations to them!