Bourses & Contrats

Mise à jour le   04/08/2022

Nos bourses et contrats depuis 2010 :

Immunology Department Award 2016, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA. “B Cell Related Biomarkers for the Prediction of Individual Treatment Responses to Rituximab in Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome and ANCA-associated Vasculitis: A Transatlantic Collaborative Study”. (D Cornec)


NIH R21 exploratory/developmental grant AI156232-01 (Awarded grant, July 2020): Contribution of c-Maf to regulatory B cells and antibody-secreting cells, University of Denver, CO, USA. (S Hillion)


Horizon Europe - MSCA Doctoral Networks "Single cells iN AuToimmUne inflammatoRy disEases" (SIGNATURE) (2023 - 2026)


Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI 2) “Taxonomy, Treatment, Targets and Remission. Identification of the Molecular Mechanisms of non-response to Treatments, Relapses and Remission in Autoimmune, Inflammatory, and Allergic Condition“(3TR). Grant agreement No 831434 (September 2019-August 2026). 3TR


Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI 2) project “NEw Clinical Endpoints in Primary Sjogren's Syndrome: An Interventional Trial based on stratifying patients” (NECESSITY). Grant agreement No 806975 (2019-2024). NECESSITY


Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) "Molecular Reclassification to Find Clinically Useful Biomarkers for Systemic Autoimmune Diseases (PRECISESADs)", Grant Agreement No. 115565 (2014-2019). PRECISESADs


H2020 European project HARMONIzation and integrative analysis of regional, national and international Cohorts on primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS) towards improved stratification, treatment and health policy making (HarmonicSS), Grant Agreement No 731944 (2017-2020). HarmonicSS


FOREUM (Foundation for Research in Rheumatology), " Stratified Medicine in Primary Sjögren's Syndrome" (2018-2021). FOREUM


COST Action BM1406-European COST program “Ion Channels and Immune Response toward a global understanding of immune cell physiology and for new therapeutic approaches (IONCHAN-IMMUNRESPON)”



Inserm PCSI. Combining imaging MAss cytometry with label-free nonlinear and polarized lighT micRoscopIes to decipher the compleX interactions between conjunctive fibers and immune cells in cancer microenvironment: a new approach for biomarker discovery" (MATRIX). (2022-2023).


PHRCI 13-101. Pragmatic Study Comparing the Clinical Evlauation Methods (C) and / or Ultrasound Method (B or D) in Rheumatoid Arthritis to Adapt Treatment (BCD). (2015-2022). Identifier: NCT02410304


PHRCN-14-14-0512. Evaluation of a Marine OXYgen Carrier: HEMO2Life® for hypOthermic Kidney Graft Preservation, Before Transplantation (OXYOP) (OXYOP). (2016-2018). Identifier: NCT02652520.


PHRCN-15-086. Safety and Efficacy of tocilizuMAb Versus Placebo in Polymyalgia rHeumatica With glucocORticoid dEpendence (SEMAPHORE). (2017-2022). Identifier: NCT02908217.


PHRCN-18-0704. Evaluation of a Marine OXYgen Carrier for Organ Preservation: a Multicenter Randomized Study Evaluating the Efficacy of HEMO2life® Versus Standard of Care in Renal Transplantation (OXYOP 2). (2020-2022). Identifier: NCT04181710


Agence de la Biomédecine. Phenotypic and functional study of B lymphocytes during chronic humoral rejection of allograft. (2013-2015). (S Hillion)


In partnership


CPER 2015-2020 West Brittany Genetics and Epigenetics Platform (EpiGenBrest).


PHRIP-19-0148. Evaluation of a long-term corticotherapy complication prevention program led by the therapeutic education nurse (COCORTICO).


INCA PL-BIO 2014: Identification of the signature of ion channels as prognostic markers and therapeutic targets for prostatic metastases.


Plan Cancer 2014-2019. (2016). Grant for the acquisition of equipment for cancer research.





Région Bretagne-AAP 2016 Technology transfer - chemistry, biotechnology, health » (convention n° 0201/17001696/00053168) Tolerance and Efficiency of an Intrabuccal Biological Film to Enhance Oral Dryness Sensation: The "PREDELFI" Clinical Pilot Study (PREDELFI). Identifier: NCT04206826. (JO Pers)


CPER 2015-2020. Development of functional exploration tools for the Calciscreen platform. (O Mignen)


SATT Ouest valorisation - Maturation fund No. DV2236 for “membrane STIM1: a therapeutic target for cancer and autoimmune diseases” patent exploitation. 2015-2016. (O Mignen, Y Renaudineau)


SATT Ouest valorisation - Maturation fund STIMULES. (O Mignen, Y Renaudineau)


SATT Ouest valorisation - Maturation fund STIM3. (O Mignen)


Region Bretagne (+FEDER, European Regional Development Fund), Conseil Départemental Finistère, Brest Métropole, Inserm, Labex IGO, Innoveo, CHRU de Brest. Hyperion. (JO Pers)


In partnership


Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest - Ion Channels and Cancer network. (2016-2018). (O Mignen)


Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest - MicroRNAs in tumor exosomes: Basic science and clinical applications (ExomiR) Project (2018-2021) (O Mignen)


Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest – Development of Innovative Antibodies for CANcerology (DIACAN) Project. (2018-2021). (O Mignen)


Ligue contre le Cancer 2019. What are the epigenetic mechanisms involved in chronic lymphocytic leukemia in terms of the course of the disease? (C Bagacéan)


Ligue contre le Cancer (CIRGO) 2019. STIM1 as a new biomarker for pancreatic cancer. (O Mignen)


Ligue contre le Cancer 2019. Orai1 channel specific inhibitors & mechanistic studies by fluorescence probes in cancer cells. (O Mignen)


Ligue contre le Cancer 2015. Identification and role of regulatory B cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. (C Jamin)


Ligue contre le Cancer 2018. Modulators of mSTIM1 as correctors for calcium signaling defects in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. (O Mignen)


Fondation de France 2018-2020. Combating resistance to rituximab in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. (O Mignen)


Grant for young researcher in oncology (West of France) 2018. (A Uguen)


Rotary International. Opération Jetons Cancer 2019. (A Uguen)


Vasculitis Foundation Research Grant 2017. “In depth characterization of PR3-specific B cells in ANCA associated vasculitis”. (D Cornec)


Société Française de Rhumatologie 2018. (D Cornec)


CSL Behring (Dotation funds) 2018. Comparison of the unicellular transcriptomic profile and the immunoglobulin repertoire of autoreactive B lymphocytes in healthy subjects and patients with vasculitis associated with PR3-ANCA. (D Cornec)


FAI2R research Grant 2018. (D Cornec)


Association Française du Gougerot-Sjögren et des syndromes secs (AFGS) 2018. “Implication of epigenetics in the appearance of B lymphomas during the development of Gougerot Sjögren syndrome“. (Y Renaudineau, A Bordron)


Association Laurette Fugain 2015. “Influence of epigenetics in the development of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in order to offer personalized therapies“. (C Bagacean, A Bordron)


Grant for young researcher in thoracic oncology (West of France) 2019. (M Geier, A Uguen)


Fondation de France en Cancérologie 2020-2012. Identification of a circulating microRNA signature to predict optimal treatment in chronic lymphoid leukemia. Mobility grant for 1 year of research at MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, Texas, USA. (C Bagacean)


ARHOPH Association pour la Recherche en Hématologie Oncologie Pédiatrique Hémostase. (C Berthou)

Deciphering the BAFF system in Lupus Nephritis Using Imaging Mass Cytometry. GlaxoSmithKline (2022)


Study of STIM1 Membrane Expression in Autoimmune Diseases (STIMEX). In collaboration with Kalsiom SAS (2021)


Influence of thymoglobulines on B cell phenotype and function in transplanted patients: Thymo B. Sanofy Genzyme (2014)