Publications et congrès

Mise à jour le   04/08/2022

Publications de l'Equipe référencées dans HAL



- EULAR (European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology) congress (June 2022)


- European Healthcare Materials & Technology Congress. “Thematic subject on Cancer Research and Technology organize” (August 2020)


- XIIth International Congress on Autoimmunity (May 2020)


- International conference and exhibition on Cancer and therapeutics (Cancer Houston, September 2019)


- SOFREMIP (Francophone Society for Rheumatology and Inflammatory Diseases in Pediatrics) congress (May 2018)


- Calcium Signaling and Immunology Workshop: The European Calcium Society (October 2017)


- 9th International Congress on Internal Medicine (March 2017)


- EpiBrest congress (7-9 Décembre 2016)


- "Calcium channels" Workshop of the European Calcium Society (June 2015)


- 5th Breton Workshop on Rheumatology Research (October 2011)


- 10th international symposium on Sjögren's syndrome (October 2009)