Training programs available in English

Mise à jour le   16/12/2022

The French educational system in higher education


Bachelor’s degree

3 years, 2 semesters per year

Year 1 = semester 1 & semester 2
Year 2 = semester 3 & semester 4
Year 3 = semester 5 & semester 6

Master’s degree

2 years, 2 semesters per year

Year 1 = semester 7 & semester 8
Year 2 = semester 9 & semester 10


3 years of research work

🇬🇧 Full semester in English at the BACHELOR Level


IUT (University Institute of Technology) in Brest

The International Business Program 

Bachelor’s degree in Economy and Management 
Semester 4 fully taught in English
12 places dedicated to foreign students


IUT (University Institute of Technology) in Quimper

Bachelor’ vocational degree for careers in international trade

Semester 5

🇬🇧 Full program at the MASTER level


IUEM (European Institute of Marine Science) in Brest

Master’s degree in Marine Biotechnologies

Semester 9 (year 2): classes
Semester 10: Research project and industrial placement. Research project will be carried out either in academic laboratories or will be hosted in industrial and start-up biotech companies.

Master’s degree IMBRSea (International Master in Marine Biological Resources)

Semesters 7, 8 and 9 classes in 3 different countries
Semester 10 : Master Thesis

Master’s degree in Marine Physics

Both Master Year 1 and 2 available in English
3 options : Physics of the Ocean and Climate systems; Marine Geophysics ; Naval Hydrodynamics



Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Master’ degree in Celtic Studies 

Semesters  7 and 9 available in English
2 options : Medieval or Modern focus
Last semester (10) : Study abroad / internship in one of the Celtic countries


Faculty of Arts

Master’s degree TILE (Texts, Images and Foreign Literature) 

Around 80% of the syllabus taught in English.
Semester 7: UE1, UE 2 
Semester 8: UE3, UE4 and UE5
Semester 9: UE4 and UE8
20% remaining could be completed by other Master lessons



Faculty of Sciences and Technology

Master’ degree in Computer Science: Interactive, Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

The 2nd year of the SIIA Master is open to English-speaking students

🇬🇧 New English training programs at UBO


UBO is currently working on extending its range of English training programs
Personalised programs can be built by picking classes already taught in English to have complete 30 ECTS programs, in almost all the Faculties
Here are some examples: 


  • Programming Languages 6 ECTS
  • Programming Logic and Applied Computer Science 6 ECTS
  • Interculturality 5 ECTS
  • French courses as a foreign language (FLE)  3 ECTS
  • Project in a laboratory 10 ECTS
  • Translation (English-French French-English)  4 ECTS
  • American Literature 4 ECTS
  • American Civilization 4 ECTS
  • English linguistics 4 ECTS
  • English Literature or British Civilization or Sociocritic or Eco Literature  4 ECTS
  • Essay / research work 10 ECTS
  • Market Economics 3 ECTS
  • Logistics 3 ECTS
  • English courses as a foreign language 3 ECTS
  • French courses as a foreign language (FLE)  3 ECTS
  • Environmental economics (classes in French, personal tutoring in English) 3 ECTS
  • Mathematical optimization (classes in French, personal tutoring in English) 3 ECTS
  • Essay / research work 12 ECTS
  • Communication applied to the setting up of international projects 
  • Professional Translation     
  • Intensive English practice: exchange, interculturality, etc. 
  • Thematic Seminars

🇬🇧 Internships

It is clearly possible for your students to come to UBO to do an internship in one of the laboratories of our university.
Those internships will be supervised in English.
This solution can balance the number of students between our two universities.

🇬🇧 Intensive programs & Summer schools

To discover UBO and take first contact, you can also choose to participate to our yearly intensive programs / summer schools, taught in English.

For example 

  • Summer school in Breton linguistic and cultural heritage studies
  • Summer school in Marine sciences (page inexistante)

🇬🇧 The "English-Friendly" courses are teaching units where the ‘minimum configuration’ is defined by

  • Courses conducted in French (oral)
  • Written course materials provided in French and/or English
  • A detailed summary of the course translated into English offered to students
  • A list of reference works and textbooks in English identified and offered to students.

UBO is currently working on extending its range of "English-Friendly" courses in all faculties (a list of diploma with this option will be available soon).