SEA-EU Programme

Mise à jour le   27/10/2022

SEA-EU : European University of the Seas

Coordinated by the University of Cadiz (Spain), SEA-EU is an alliance of six partner universities: University of Western Brittany in Brest, University of Gdańsk (Poland), University of Malta, Kiel University (Germany) and University of Split (Croatia).


It involves six maritime cities, six human communities sharing common characteristics in terms of cultural heritage and societal perspectives, six multidisciplinary universities of similar sizes, six regions bordering the sea and which are all leaders of innovative strategies within which maritimity and sustainability are essential elements.



  • A space of European mobility for students, lecturers, researchers and all university staff. It is a place where interconnectedness and interculturality form the basis of an openness to the world and a commitment to peace. It strives to meet the objective of 50% of students in real or virtual mobility programmes at the Bachelor-degree level over the next ten years.


  • A standard of social, institutional and regional integration, driving the development of a European identity in which the natural, historic and cultural heritage of the sea play a central role.


  • An international reference point for knowledge through excellence in teaching and research, ensuring leadership in Science, Technology and Industry.


  • An interdisciplinary European Centre of knowledge, creativity and innovation on the sea and the societies that depend on it, on the marine environment, marine resources and sustainable management of the sea and oceans.


  • An international benchmark for other universities in Europe and beyond, as well as for government agencies.

For UBO students wishing to study in one of the five partner universities


For UBO students wishing to study in one of the five partner universities

There are two options:

  • study in one of the five partner universities
  • carry out an internship


These options are generally supported by Erasmus+.


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